Why Can’t I Sell Things?

If you’re reading this, then you’re probably cross at me because I won’t add your blog that is selling a thing, whether it be hosting more than the advertising that WordPress pops on its free blogs, or you’ve got a connected up Etsy store.

Here’s the thing, folks — I am an dual citizen, US and UK. I reside in the United Kingdom, but as an American abroad, I am still required to file and pay taxes on. If a person is self-employed (which would include things like Etsy stores, selling one’s latest writing efforts, or hosting advertisements for pay and the like) and resident abroad, the United States government wants a cut of it for things like Social Security and Medicare (never mind I will never be claiming those things).


But it’s *my* store not yours so I don’t see the problem…

The tax code as applies to ex-pats is a freaking mess, and finding an accountant who understands it is a very expensive prospect.  It is much easier to cover my backside by making it very clear that nobody is profiting off of the network.


So you’re just covering yourself and robbing me of my livelihood…

Bluntly put, my network, my rules. I still stand by the ethos of this being a tool of support and education rather than a tool of profit. It goes against that spirit to use this platform in such a way.


You suck (and/or) I guess that makes sense…

If the former, I shrug. If the latter, thank you for understanding.