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The Things I Get Up To (Cross-Posted from my Private Blog)

It has bothered me that I’ve not been able to find any other bipolar bloggers online. Well, I’ve found a couple corporate paid ones, but that’s not what I’m looking for. I wanted to find ‘normal’ folks like me to share and comment and whatnot with, so I decided to spend 10 bucks last night to register www.bipolarbloggernetwork.com. I’ve got some ideas for it (like finding/listing good resources for people stateside who cannot afford treatment//support organizations by country//etc), but for the moment, it’s mainly me and an idea. I do have -a- friend who has been thinking of taking up blogging about his/her bipolar again, so that’s another most welcome person, and hopefully others will follow suit. It’s not like people have to say who they actually are, or write scholarly things – it’s just about trying to build a place where people feel they have a voice that matters, and that by helping themselves, they are helping others. And y’know, maybe helping those who do not suffer to understand the depths of what we put up with every day to fit into their world.

Having said that, if anyone has a bipolar blog they would like to be listed, or know someone who might be interested in helping out somehow, send them my way! *points at contact form over on the left*

I had thought about making it more inclusive, but as a friend pointed out to me – bipolar is a wide enough chunk of the mental health spectrum as-is. It is absolutely not discounting the hard times anyone else with a mental or physical issue might have; it is merely about trying to help build a tiny island of stability and sharing in an area that is traditionally INSANELY isolated. I am, at current, the only one of my friends that I know that openly admits that they have bipolar. That is because I have been hurting for so much of my life for not knowing and for being treated as ‘crazy’ for having feelings that frankly? Take a swing, buddy – it’s not going to work anymore.

So yeah, we’ll see how that goes. For now, back to work trying to get something basic up. :)