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Don’t It Feel Just Fine

I feel so good today… Actually, to be honest – a little uneasy, a touch edgy. The last few days, …

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Flash in the Pan – a Hat Trick

Red is doing a weekly Flash Fiction challenge, Flash in the Pan  over at her place Momma’s Money Matters.   I am as always a little behind so here’s three for one – a hat trick. Be sure to check out the Flash in the Pan page at M3 for more prompts, to read others, and … Continue reading

An Epic Day In My Life, With Le Clown

Le Clown just left the building. Finally, I can have a glass of Gewurtztraminer and try to tell the tale …

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Still Wobbling

Today is a bit sadder-feeling than yesterday, so yanno… keeping on par down near the bottom of the well. But instead of whining and reflecting on that today, I figured I’d share a recipe that is a favorite of mine. That is, of course, James Beard’s recipe for banana bread:

Click me for deliciousness!

I don’t know what it is about banana bread, but it’s definitely high up in the pantheon of comfort foods. And it’s not that hard to make, which is an added bonus. As my husband and daughter are both crazy about banana, a loaf goes pretty darn quickly, which is a nice ego stroke. And then there’s the pleasure of indulging in a slice oneself — bliss. So while I only had a nibble off of my husband’s slice last night before be, I’ll definitely treat myself to a nice hunk of my own later.


Low Key

Living in the United Kingdom, I don’t do that much to celebrate American independence. I do love fireworks, but not enough to go find some to blow up on the day. No, instead I hang out with another ex-pat friend on the nearest weekend and BBQ; this tradition is only a couple of years old, but we’re both sincere about keeping it going. After all, what is more American than enjoying good food with friends? Very little, I maintain!

Still, I’m going to actually be amongst people tonight, so I figured I’d try my hand at making a most American dessert to take along. As it’s a crafting group, I immediately discarded pie as too messy (as much as I do love a good apple pie). Instead, I opted for something that says summer and July very strongly to me — the Coca-Cola cake. The ingredients look too weird to make anything good, but I hoped the memory of taste from 17 years or so ago held true. It turn out it did — the piece I let myself have last night was indulgently rich and light, and I think it’s a fine example of American ingenuity (and science). It makes me think of my father’s birthday parties, as that was when we would have the cake. My grandmother would make it, and we’d enjoy it outside by their pool, basking in the glorious Texas//July sunshine. It’s hard to not feel free under those circumstances, and grateful too to have such bounty.

But really, on a day like today, one doesn’t need a big external display; one can merely look inward and reflect on the good and bad about the US of A. It’s a scrappy nation full of optimism and opinion. That doesn’t mean that it’s all good opinion, but there is a lot to be said about the bootstraps mentality (and against it too, but yanno… two sides to all coins). I can appreciate the rugged individualism just as much as I admire the British sense of community and all-in-it-togetherness.

But today… I’ll mainly think about the cake.



My hands continue to need to do, but mainly mindless things. I spent last night sewing and crocheting, and tonight I’m going to bake a cake. These aren’t particularly brain-intensive chores. What is brain-intensive is trying to write and research and read — while I’m not sure I’d describe my thoughts as racing, I can’t pin my brain down enough to cognate. It’s mildly distressing because I like spending swathes of my day reading things and learning what’s going on in the world, and my eyes just sort of glaze over at the walls of text. So in that regard, I would be very happy for my brain to check back in and enable me to resume feeding it intellectually. I shouldn’t be that surprised — as much as I’ve been immersing myself in games, it makes sense it would check out on me. I can’t call it lose/lose ’cause I’m still getting some reading done, and still enjoying gaming. I guess it just reaffirms what I said yesterday — I have no idea whether I’m up or down. I just sort of awkwardly am.


All I Can Think of Today…

Today is Mother’s Day in the Americas; Mother’s Day (or Mothering Sunday) was in March over this side of the pond. And all I can think about is the family tradition of eating at El Fenix. I would always get a bowl of their fantastic Tortilla Soup, and split an entrée with a sibling. If you’ve never had Tortilla Soup, I highly suggest that you correct this:

The Naughty Things I Do for Chicken Tortilla Soup

I will take a moment to express confusion as to why this recipe is for chicken tortilla soup; the soup at El Fenix meat free. But the addition of chicken doesn’t take away from the experience, so use it if you want to. The overall experience is incredibly tasty and pleasant, and if you’re anything like me, you’ll want to make it any time it crosses your mind.