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What about healthcare?- by Mica La Vita

Of late, I have been reflecting about what the next 10 years of my life will look like. This process has led me to ask serious questions about my activism, […]

Meet new SA Blogger: Helène Janse van Rensburg

The D-word (no, not Divorce or Diet – the other one) I’m a female, 37 years old, a daughter, a big sister, a University graduate, a wife, and a mother.  […]

#FeatureFriday: Meet blogger ‘Without Grace’

Every once in a while I throw the line out to fish for more bloggers. Not only because I’m sure our readers get bored of our voices but I like […]

The drawbacks of Lithium for me: Psoriasis by Yvette Hess

The post below details Yvette’s experiences with long term use of Lithium. In her case (and many others’) the continued use of Lithium paired with stressful events imploded and gave […]

I used to be- Yvette Hess

The post below is a reblog of sorts. One of the founding members of Our Lived Experience, Yvette had stopped writing a while back. In fact, she’s been floating in […]

How To Support Your Family Member/Friend/Partner With Depression – W.B

How to support your family member/friend/partner with depression: Don’t ask them why they are depressed. Do not say “if you change your mindset …” Do not give advice. I promise, […]

Finally, a blogpost!

Here I am after 5 months of not blogging. I stopped blogging after one of my closest friends and compadres committed suicide. It was a major shock to the system for me. And I suppose I could go on and on about it- how I went through two breakdowns partly because of the event. But. … Continue reading Finally, a blogpost!

Goodbye Homie; Goodbye Ulla

*lights a candle* This is going to be a bit all over the place but I’m going to try to say goodbye. She knows I was the type of person to be all over the place so I guess it’s okay. My Homes, I understand why you did it. I really do. Your brothers and … Continue reading Goodbye Homie; Goodbye Ulla

Artwork for Ulla

For those of you interested, I’ll be painting a series of paintings as a tribute to Ulla (Blahpolar). I want to sell them and all profits made will be donated to the clinics she went to in the Eastern Cape, South Africa. It will be an ongoing project. Spanglish Familia will be helping with the … Continue reading Artwork for Ulla

An Invitation: JOIN ME on SEPT 10th to Honour ULLA’s Death — Our Lived Experience

I’m struggling to write this, so please bear with me. Two days ago I found out that one of my closest friends and the co-founder of OLE took her own life. Ulla, or Blahpolar as she was known to most, was one of the best things that ever happened to me. I don’t want to … Continue reading An Invitation: JOIN ME on SEPT 10th to Honour ULLA’s Death — Our Lived Experience