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Yes, I have a ‘mental disorder.’ But it’s not being transgender.

Many of the people who still insist that being transgender is a 'disorder' don’t actually care about our mental health.

This is what I wish people who identify as ‘truscum’ would try to understand.

When you create a definition of transgender that relies on gatekeeping, the door is wide open for friendly fire.

People-pleasers can be drawn to toxic relationships. It’s important to know why.

"My favorite kind of person to love was someone I had to chase."

Transgender people shouldn’t have to lie about their mental health. But many do.

"I am absolutely terrified that my mental health status will be used against me."

I’m queer and asexual. If that’s a problem, by all means, revoke my membership.

If asexual people can’t identify as queer, where should they go when they feel broken?

I didn’t know I had OCD. Here’s why the stereotypes are so harmful.

First I was bipolar. Then I was borderline. Turns out, both were wrong.

10 Ways to ‘Reach Out’ When You’re Struggling With Your Mental Health

After my friend's suicide, I realized something: We ask people to reach out. But we never explain how.

I’m Transgender. But Trust Me, I’m Just As Surprised As You Are.

I remember being wheeled into the operating room and thinking, "Am I seriously doing this?"

In 2018, let’s stop pretending cis women are the only ones having periods. Seriously.

We need gender inclusivity when we're talking about menstruation.

15 Mental Health Resolutions For The New Year

It’s powerful to begin a new year by saying, “I’m choosing me.”