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Moving to Cape Town: Am I coping?

To doubt is human it is where you go from there that matters

Benzo’s: one hero’s story

There was a problem though, I built up a tolerance to the med. It got less effective the longer I took it. It was a small dose, so we just increased it. Over and over.

Good riddance to benzo dependence

If you have been following this series and you realise that you are dependent on these buggers, you will hopefully be motivated to cease your extended use. I am positive that this is possible, but it won’t be a walk in the park.

More on benzo addiction

How do you tell if you are dependent on your “chill pill” of choice? Here is a list of indicators

The bad side of benzos

I will be the first among many of you who I hope will follow, and admit that I am benzo dependent. It started 6 years ago when I had a […]

My fortunate meeting with Dr. Goodmood

Every morning he would welcome me into his office with those same hopeful eyes.

Letting the darkness go


Bipolar Disorder and Alcohol Misuse, Who is more at risk?

Based on the article: Sukhmeet Singh, Liz Forty, Arianna di Florio, Katherine Gordon-Smith, Ian Jones, Nick Craddock, Lisa Jones and Daniel J. Smith, Affective temperaments and concomitant alcohol use disorders […]

The effect of coping mechanisms on the severity of bipolar disorder.

The use of maladaptive coping skills has been linked to the severity of the illness for example increased hypomania, depression, anxiety and stress levels.

Software upgrade!

So yes, depression showed up, but you know what, the monster isn't half as intimidating as it always was.