About/Contact Us

We are not accepting new members at this time. Sorry! <3

The Bipolar Blogger Network is the brainchild of a couple of friends bemused by the lack of networking options for those with various flavours of bipolar. We intend for this place to be a hub to mutually share experiences of living with/near the disorder.

If you have any questions, queries, comments, or a desire to join the network, feel free to drop us a line! We are always happy to consider new bloggers to the network; in joining, you make us all stronger together by sharing your slant on life with bipolar.

Please be mindful of these considerations before requesting to be added, or contacting:

  • We will not host advertisements. There is no need. Please do not ask. Thank you. This also goes for blogs that host advertising.
  • Nor will we host any blogs that are tied to any products being sold. We know that we all have to make a living, but as this is a not-for-profit labour of love, we’re not that inclined to appear to endorse anyone or anything.  —    [[Why Can’t I Sell Things?]]
  • Likewise, the network will not be used to promote good or services in a broader sense. Don’t ask, as you will not get a response. You’re welcome to try your luck with the webmistress on her personal blog, but you’ll probably not get very far there either.
  • The network does not post guest blog posts. Do not ask. By the same token, the webmistress doesn’t generally accept guest blog posts, so double don’t ask.
  • In a similar vein, we will not give out contact details for any of our members; their privacy is sacrosanct to us. If you wish to contact any member of the network, please contact them via methods provided on their blogs; we do not exist to provide a convenient mailing list to anyone.
  • If your blog is in a graphical format and it forces me to click every post individually to vet your blog, you will be rejected without response. You’re wasting time I don’t have.

What we are not: We are not a promotional agency. This is done on a hobbyist level, as well as being done free of charge. If you are looking for promotion, I’m afraid you’re going to have to do it on your own. 🙂

And I almost feel like I should not have to say this, but:

  • Do not ask us to add you if you cannot maintain a basic standard of editing on your blog. Rogue capitalization and misuse of punctuation does not effective communication make. Yes, we all make mistakes sometimes; erring is human and all of that. But having a constant stream of errors takes something away.
    • Subnote – Style Guide: Bipolar is not hyphenated. BPD is borderline personality disorder.
  • Post Frequency: While we certainly don’t expect people to post on the daily, a few posts a month at a minimum is ideal. By the same token, we’re looking to add blogs that can go the distance. Most anyone can post a lot for a month or two; please try to hold off until you’ve managed half a year of regular posting and are confident you can continue to maintain regular posting. We reserve the right to remove blogs that haven’t had new posts up in a couple of months, or as we see fit.
  • If you change URLs: it is your onus to notify the network if you wish to continue your listing.

Harassment policy: If you harass me because I’ve not evaluated your blog yet and it’s been less than 3 months, you will probably never get added. Last I checked, I had bipolar, kids, a job, hobbies, and a life outside of this. It also can take me anywhere from a few hours to a few days to evaluate a single blog depending on content, style, and so on. I do try to get to them as fast as possible, but yanno, human. 🙂