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Hang Up on Your Brain

Someone leaked my phone number to a world of telemarketers. In all honesty it was probably me, because I have the technological capabilities of a dumber-than-average goldfish. I’m sure I put my number on some form somewhere that said in small print, “Yes, I would like everyone who would like to sell anything on earth to contact me.”

But this is OKAY, friends, because I am developing an important skill: hanging up on people.

Not in a rude way, of course. Just something like, “I’m not interested…no, thank you for your time, but I’m still not interested… Actually, this isn’t a great time for me… Well, um, I’d prefer you don’t call back later, because I still won’t be interested then… Okay but really I have to go so I hope you have a great day but please don’t call this number again bye!”


Now I’m going to make a metaphor out of telemarketers (never thought you’d see that, did you?). Brace yourself. *cracks my knuckles*


All people, but especially mentally ill people, need to get a lot better at hanging up on our brains. Because I don’t know about you, but my brain tries to sell me an awful lot of crap that I don’t need. Too often, I keep listening way past the part where I should hang up on it.


Ring ring!

Me: Yes, hello?

Brain: Hi. I’m calling to inform you that you’re basically worthless.

Me: Oh, that’s kind of harsh. Are you sure I’m not worth anything?

Brain: Yep. Definitely sure. You’re a waste of the earth’s oxygen. 

Me: But wait, I thought maybe I was helpful to my family that one time when-

Brain: Nope, not helpful. They’d probably be better off without you.

Me: Now hold on…they say they love me!

Brain: They’re just saying that. They probably feel bad for you because you’re such a frickin nutter.

And then this internal conversation keeps going on, when really it should have gone like this:

Ring ring!

Me: Hello?

Brain: Hi. I’m calling to inform you that you’re basically worthless.

Me: Sorry, not interested.


I’ve been trying this recently, and it’s been surprisingly helpful. I know the negative tracks that my brain likes to follow, and when I feel myself getting sucked into one of those familiar spirals, I’ve been literally thinking, “CLICK.” Then I immediately have an alternative track that I start thinking about or busy myself doing something else so that my annoying telemarketer brain can’t keep trying to convince me of things that are unhealthy.

That might be super weird, but hey – my blog, my rules. It’s been working for me, so I thought I’d share it in case it could help any of you.

What negative messages is your brain trying to sell you? You know the ones – the ones that start as a niggling thought in the back of your mind and end with you on the couch eating ice cream straight out of the carton while you binge watch a show you don’t even like. THOSE ones. Start hanging up on them as soon as they start.


March Madness when it comes to Politics and Mental Health

For the most part, the colleges get along when playing basketball and most of them play with good sportsmanship. Very rarely do you see them attacking them about their beliefs, religion, and character. In fact, if they were to openly do that, they would not be able to play.

However, our politicians/candidates are allowed to do anything they want without many consequences. Well, of course there are consequences. Just like a college team can lose, a candidate can lose an election or be part of a scandal ruining their career.

It is time to start rallying around the team you want to support and the one you think can win the championship. Just like basketball, it is time to start seriously consider who you want to win.  Many times the teams you have chosen to win the championship are not included in your brackets. However, that point  you still need to cheer for someone.  Just like basketball, when it comes to politics, you might not be in favor of any candidates in the upcoming elections, but you should do your civic duty and pick someone.

If that is the case, you need to put all the crap that they will be slinging at each other and choose the candidate who can best help America the best. In order to pick one, you must know where they stand on certain issues and what they are going to do about them. Politicians like to promise different things, but how much can you believe them?

As voters, we need to make a decision not based on who can call the other person the most names or point out all the things their opponent has done wrong. We need to make a choice as to who we think will run the country like we would want them to.  We should want proof that they care about certain issues and have devised a plan to fix the problems that face America.

One such issue is the mental health issue.  I pose this question to all the candidates/politicians: What will you do to help with the mental health system?  Will you at least talk about it so that the people with mental illnesses don’t feel discriminated and forgotten? Will you promise to do something about the stigma, the overcrowding of hospitals, the lack of quality care, the mistreatment of psychiatric patients, the homeless who end up there because they can’t get adequate care for their mental illness, and stop having revolving doors in psychiatric wards and prisons.  Prove to 25% of your voters (those afflicted with mental illness in America) that you do care.  We are Americans and we will vote and we could just make a difference as to if you win or not.

We owe it to the victims of all the recent shootings to do something about it.

March Madness usually refers to college football. I think this year it can refer to the upcoming elections and how the candidates will best help the broken mental health system.

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PICTURE CREDIT: http://www.dailykos.com/


March Madness usually refers to college football. I think this year it can refer to the upcoming elections and how the candidates will best help the broken mental health system.





















I Haven’t Gone To Crazy Town Yet But I’m On The Outskirts

Well, fuck a duck.  What a week.  Four interviews and no results.  Lots of time spent waiting for the phone to ring, and obsessive checking of the email.  Feeling all kinds of kookoo.  This was my week.  To break it down:

I had my FOURTH interview with a freight company that I really don’t want to work for, it’s a Desktop Support job where I’d be supporting an entire office and would be on-call once every four weeks.  It sounds really overwhelming.  Nevertheless, I keep going to the damn interviews and acting like I want the job.  They seemed like they were in a HUGE hurry to hire someone, with one interview after the other, yet my last interview was on Monday, and I haven’t heard a peep from them.  This makes me think they don’t want me, which is probably a good thing, yet it’s a blow to my big fat ego.  BUT if they don’t want me, why not let me know?????  What the fucking fuck, I say!!!

The next interview was Tuesday morning at 7am (!!!) over Zoom, which is like Skype, for a Security job, and it went really well.  I know it went really well because the interviewer told me it did.  So the next step was a written test.  They sent me the written test, which was a fucking nightmare.  Just a bunch of Linux logs and a set of questions about them.  Guess who doesn’t know fucking Linux from a hole in the wall???  So I got on the Google and winged it.  Pretty sure I bombed the fuck out of that test.  Sent it back, haven’t heard a peep.  Again, if I’m no longer a candidate, why in the holy hell couldn’t they just let me know????????????  I REALLY REALLY REALLY want the job, it would save me from having to take a Desktop Support job, and it’s a really good company.  So I’m highly invested, and not getting any answer is KILLING ME!!!

The third interview was Tuesday afternoon, a PANEL INTERVIEW on Zoom, for a Desktop Support job at the local University.  If I had to take a Desktop Support job, this would be the one to take (if I had a choice).  The pay is shit, but they offer three weeks of time off per year, and nine hours of free classes per year.  Plus, I would be assigned certain departments to support, which means I would get to know the people and their applications and would get very good at supporting them.  I should hear next week if I get a second interview.

The fourth interview was on Wednesday, it was at a manufacturing plant and it stunk – literally!  This would be another situation where I would support the entire office on my own (Desktop Support), and in this situation I would be on-call 24/7/365 which is pretty much total bullshit.  The interview went very well though, and I should hear something next week.  But once again, I desperately don’t want to have to take it.

So that was my week, with a few stomachaches peppered in (not as many as last week), and absolutely no exercise (boo).  My stress level has been through the roof and I certainly would have benefited from exercise, but instead I spent a lot of time laying on my bed reading Twitter and obsessively checking my email.  NOT the most functional week.  I did go to Mom and Dad’s yesterday and worked my ass off as the maid, thereby frying my back.  I came home and laid on my industrial-strength ice pack (it’s HUGE!) for over an hour.

This morning I woke up early (it was still dark) to an owl calling to another owl.  It was so peaceful and beautiful!  I am grateful for the little things, like owls.  And having a home, however humble.  And my singing birds.

Hopefully next week I will have some good news to share.  Thanks for reading, and have a great weekend!!!  Love, BPOF

You Aren’t at the Mercy of Your Emotions – Your Brain Creates Them

How interesting for people with a mood disorder who constantly feels at the mercy of their emotions!

I would love to be able to construct my emotions and definitely try to be responsible for them. Well, just watch the video and let me know what you think.

I transcribed some of it and I’m writing it below in bold. It’s a very interesting video and worth listening to in its entirety.

She says at the end: “You have more control over your emotional suffering than you might imagine and you have the capacity to turn down the dial on emotional suffering and it’s consequences for your life by learning how to construct your expressions differently. All of us can do this and be good at it. More control means more responsibility. If you’re not at the mercy of some mythical emotion circuits buried deep in your brain somewhere and which trigger automatically then who’s responsible when you behave badly? You are! Not because you’re culpable for your emotions but because the actions and experiences you make today become your brain’s predictions for tomorrow.

Sometimes we are responsible for something not because we’re to blame but because we are the only ones who can change it.

Emotions are built not built in.We are responsible for our own emotions.

Embrace the responsibility because it is a path to a healthier body and a more Just and informed legal system, a more flexible and more potent  emotional life.”

The Help Us Keep Our Power On And Get Trash Service Fundraiser

It was brought to my attention that my fundraiser links weren’t working. Not exactly shocking, I’m using a stupid phone (stupid smart phone, oxymoron?) and I get everything all garbled.

Anyway…this is the working link.

Share, repost, donate- whatever help you’re willing to give…Spook and I are grateful because this situation is distressing. More distressing is the fact that the move was forced on us, otherwise we wouldn’t be in over our heads because we live within our means.