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Reblog – Quote of the Day – When true Inspiration is needed I know where to go!

Originally posted on My Medical Musings:
Inspirational Quotes surround us in today’s world of Facebook, Google, Twitter etc. Throw away lines that are designed to challenge us and motivate us. Do they or are we overwhelmed by the many thoughts, sayings, likes and shares that crowd our day? Do we really take time to reflect…

Good News!

Got an acceptance letter last night for my novella “Looking for Home”!  It’s been published once online, but the website was closed a while back so I started marketing it again and it found a home in an anthology with Running Wild Press.  No royalties but an upfront payment and a copy along with it, so that is good!  And there is hope for doing more work with the press in the future.  SO I am excited and so needed this breakthrough from God.  Not sure yet when it will be out ,but they sell them on Amazon.

Today is also a red-letter day because my youngest has turned thirteen this morning.  WE had a party for her yesterday with family and will have a birthday party Saturday night with a few of her friends.  SO that is some excitement for the near future.

Not much to do today–I’ll meet Bob for lunch today and Marlo this Friday where I will have fun both times.  I think i get my hair cut next week; I need to check on that.  ANd i have a dentist’s appointment Thursday. Fun fun.

Now I’m goin to go let others know about my acceptance.  I am so excited!


The Mammogram Saga – Finally Full Circle!

Looking back I found the last entry in this series was in August of last year and was titled “The Mammogram Saga Comes To An End.” Well, I thought it had but apparently, even when a biopsy is negative for cancer they still repeat tests 6 months later to be sure. So, I had another …