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Interview Tomorrow, So I’m Fucking Off Here

Well folks it looks like the time I spent all week in an Interview Workshop at my local Workforce Center is going to pay off sooner than expected – I have a job interview tomorrow!  This is for a job that I had a phone interview for around a month ago.  I guess their first round of candidates didn’t work out so they decided to talk to me.  Hmmm.  Maybe they’re desperate and they’ll hire me!  I can only hope.

I have been faithfully logging the food I eat in the Lose It! app and it changes its mind daily on when I will have this damn weight lost, from sometime this summer to next winter.  It all depends on how many calories I ingest.  I am rather in love with the idea of losing the weight (and this damn spare tire sitting above the waistline of my jeans) by the summer.  We had to do mock interviews ON CAMERA for this interview workshop I was in and we watched them today and I had a FAT ATTACK watching myself, oh my GOD!!  At least I walked every day to the Workforce Center, round trip it is about 3.5 miles, so I’m getting in the exercise.

Tomorrow morning I have the psychiatrist in the same building, I will walk again, that will make 17 miles for the week (19 if you count Sunday) and I’m taking Saturday off!  Then I have this interview at 1pm.  I have been studying the company, they are scientific and the material is dry as a bone which is why I had to take a break and write this blog.  I don’t know how the HELL I’m going to remember any details about the company when they ask the famous question “What do you know about our company?” — hopefully I can cough up a few dry bone facts.  It’s so stupid, WHO CARES?  I JUST NEED A JOB, FUCKERS!!!

Well I guess I will get back to studying for the interview so I can try to talk about stuff that I know nothing about.  No anxiety there!!  Where to begin?  Ah hell, maybe I’ll take a nap.  Salut!  And peaches!

Hanging Out

I am just doing my daily things today–commenting in class, sending out a story, doing laundry.  It’s nice and sunny out but I think still a little chilly.  I am feeling pretty good today so that is nice.  I have help coming to clean the house for the party this weekend–which may not be much of a party–my parents aren’t going to make it because of my mom’s back still giving her trouble. So it may just be Bob’s family. But I still want things cleaned up for them so I am working on that later today.

Thanks so much to everyone visiting my blog lately–I’ve had a real uptick in visitors and views over the past few months and am enjoying the idea that maybe I am reaching a wider audience than I used to.  More than ever I think the world needs examples of people with mental illness who are able to manage their symptoms and want to function in society–otherwise we are letting the media define us in ways that are not helpful.   I haven’t always been in this good of a place and I think that  is good news worth celebrating.

My youngest daughter turns 13 Monday, and I think it is soon going to be time to sit down with her and explain bipolar disorder.   She is the only child that did not know me before I was diagnosed bipolar.  The other two remember me beforehand and saw me at my worst when I was undiagnosed and psychotic.  This one was just a baby,  I feel a need to educate her about it from my perspective and what it has been  like for me (within reason–I’m not going to tell her everything just yet).  But that conversation needs to happen soon.  Pray for me that I find the right words to say.

Hope everyone has a good weekend.  I need lunch.


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