Everyone is commenting good things on my story and commenting on what I already knew were weak points.  SO everything is going well so far. No one has come up and blindsided me or anything, so everyone is behaving well.

I feel so weird reading all this stuff.  Being up for workshop is always a weird experience.  You’ve basically put your soul out for people to inspect.  And they do. Like I said, so far everyone is playing nice with me so it is better than it could be.  I’m looking forward to seeing my professor’s reaction as well.

I wrote up my reading response this morning so I get to take a breather for a while until we get comments and I have to respond to one.  The story was really weird but good, well-written so that was nice.

I just wish I felt better.  I skipped my meds Sunday night and Monday because I wasn’t sure I was going to keep them down so I am kind of off kilter today.  But hopefully I will feel better and see how the day goes.  I need to go to the grocery store, too. I may wind up taking a Xanax for the first time in a long time just to settle my nerves.

I missed my therapy appointment–I completely forgot about it until my counselor called.  I tried to go but traffic was too bad for me to get there in a reasonable time so we set up another appointment for tomorrow.

Hope everyone has a good week.  See you when I feel better.


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