Daily Archives: January 16, 2018

Another Snow Day

that it didn’t start snowing on until about thirty minutes ago at our place. But it had snowed early this morning in other places so they called school off.  My little one is glad for the extra day off but is doing laundry since there’s not enough to play in yet.

Talked to my parents who live north of us and they have a good covering of snow, my dad said.  It’s supposed to snow all day and all night, according to the weatherpeople.

I think I’ll be able to continue 46Reasonswhynot after all.  I’ve talked to some more people about writing lists and hopefully they will come through in time.  I have one more list to start next week then will just have to wait and see if more come in. I’ve reminded one person to finish theirs and talked two other people hopefully into doing a list and am waiting on one guy that said he should have it done February 1.  So we will see.

Turned in my fiction exercise and my workshop piece.  I am  on pins and needles about the workshop piece–it’s the original short story version of Hurricane Baby and I hope I get some good feedback on it. We will see what happens.

Hope everyone has a good week and stays warm!




A Good Day

Today was a good day even though I am only going on about 3 hours sleep, if that. My mood was good though and we went out and got a third fur baby, a little 2.5 month old Havanese. We haven’t named her yet, she so cute and usually I come up with a name right away, but I think the lack of sleep is making that super difficult. I’m even having some problems typing. So this blog is going to be short.

So 1) No depression today

2) I went out!

Not too bad at all.