Daily Archives: December 14, 2017



SO much shopping.  We got a lot of stuff.  I was shuffling coupons and adding to lists and walking around all day long. But we have one more run to make to Wal-Mart for our youngest to pick out a gift for a party she is going to and then that should be it for gift shopping.

Cut back a little on gifts  this year because we are going to do a lot of shopping after Christmas for the oldest ones for their apartments and the youngest one got a phone starting the school year as an early present from us.  But we went from 9 in the morning to 3 in the afternoon hitting ten stores and giving up on finding one gift and ordering it on Amazon.  SO we were very productive.

And I wrapped what all needed to be wrapped once we got home and the rest of it is stored away hidden for Christmas  Eve.  So we are excited about that.  SO now I am trying to rest up before cooking dinner. My oldest is not feeling well and says she can’t cook.  So I know she is seriously not feeling good from her cold.

My feet hurt.  But it was a great day with Bob having fun keeping up with everything and spoiling our girls for one more year.

Hope everyone’s Christmas is a successful as ours was today!






When Chronic Conditions Collide

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