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Going Cold

Have you ever listened to people talk about gambling? They would have you believe that cards or chips or coins or chairs have a special voodoo to them. No one seems to question the lunacy of saying that a machine or chair or table is “cold”, as if those things have any kind of determinism […]


So today I finally got my ladies out to help me clean up my house extra.  Everything looks so nice and uncluttered.  Hopefully we can keep it that way for a while at least.  My oldest wants to start a house pool for how long it lasts.  I told her it would be FINE as long we stayed on top of it better.  Which I do plan to do.  So there.

Have everyone home for Christmas so that is nice.  The youngest is still in school until the 21st so not  quite everyone is in the house all the time but it is such a nice feeling right now.

The middle one just came back from the doctor–they said she has a cold so no worries about strep or flu which is good.   I know she doesn’t feel well though since she has gotten back in the bed.

Hope everyone has a good week.  Merry Christmas!





Penny Positive #39

From An Optimist’s Calendar



Remember Stuart Smalley?  Before sexual harassment?