Daily Archives: December 7, 2017

Empty Day

An ice cold, empty day.   I haven’t done anything to speak of today–I need to get laundry done but still have it in the washer so far–I need to switch it over but will probably eat lunch first.

Sometimes I just have days that feel like nothing.  I’m done with classes and don’t have any responsibilities for a while so i just feel empty without some activity.  We’re almost done Christmas shopping–we’ll finish it up together (me and Bob) on the 14th.  We were going to go tomorrow but his boss decided to take off instead so Bob has to stay. But the 14th will be fine.  It will be all kid shopping–our niece and nephews and our own kids.

I did write a bit for Defyingshadows.,com today.  It’s on discouragement.  I’ve felt so discouraged on and off lately I decided to write a post about it to help myself.  I was able to use bible verses and everything putting it together, so that was a nice feeling to accomplish something.

But I knocked Christmas out of the park for my friend Mary Jane yesterday. We met up to do lunch and I went shopping beforehand for a present and got some earrings from her favorite store.  She about fell out of her chair.  She said she had looked at buying them and walked away with the clear ones in the same style instead.  She got me an ornament of a Santa in the shape of Mississippi. He’s cute, so he went on the tree when I got home.

I have my cleaning ladies come out tomorrow to to help me clean up the pockets of chaos in the house.  There are so many that I feel too overwhelmed to tackle them by myself.   I have the laundry room, my kitchen table, my bedroom, and a storage closet.  I know I sound like a big baby, but it’s just too overwhelming to try to drag it all out. sort it out, and put it back. SO I need “babysitters” to help.

SO I hope everyone has a good weekend and is having a happy holiday season thus far.  Merry Christmas.


A Deadly Drug Cocktail Shines a Light on an AstraZeneca Blockbuster – Bloomberg


HEADS UP–Seroquel (quetiapine)+methadone= DEATH

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