Almost Done

One more day tomorrow of classes that I teach then I am free until the final on next Wednesday and one more project to do for the class I am taking and I will be through there too.  It will be nice not to have to go for a while and for my kids to all be home for probably the last time together.

I did some wrapping yesterday and need to do some more today so I will at least have most of the presents under the tree done by the time the big girls get home this weekend. We will get it all figured out by then.

Bob and I do the last shopping on the 14th to finish out everybody. His presents I bought him finally came in so that was good.  I’ll wrap one from my youngest and do the others as Santa gifts.  THe two oldest had money to do their own shopping with this year so they will bring them home to wrap and put under the tree for all of us.

I wish I could go back to sleep.   I slept pretty good but still feel sleepy. I think it’s the weather–it’s finally turning cold and rainy on us. But we need the rain–we didn’t get any hardly in November so that is the way it needs to go for December.

DId get all my Christmas cards done and sent out yesterday.  So that is one thing accomplished.  I think I will go wrap some more and change out the CD’s to something not so relaxing as the Christmas music we have in them now–classical and whatnot.  I need something with a little more kick to it to really enjoy myself listening and wrapping.


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