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Rare form of dwarfism confers protection against bipolar affective disorder.

This is pretty amazing! Just wanted to reblog it. Would I rather rather have this form of dwarfism so I could be protected from having bipolar disorder? I do believe I would!



In doing studies with Amish people for over 40 years in Pennsylvania, and then analyzing the data, the authors of this paper noticed that a rare form of dwarfism caused by a homozygous recessive mutation in a gene called Sonic Hedgehog (named by nerds who work on drosophila genetics, as they discovered this gene) is NEVER comorbid with bipolar disorder. Sonic Hedgehog is a gene involved in embryogenesis! So a mutation in it can affect many pathways downstream. But since people who have this form of dwarfism NEVER have bipolar d/o, it is thought that Sonic Hedgehog may be protective against bipolar d/o. Now to find out what does the Sonic Hedgehog gene do that is protective. Might take a while… But a very interesting article. And hopefully helpful to us sooner than later.


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Dental Problems

SO my permanent crown came off Wednesday night after every one shut down for Thanksgiving.  I waited until this morning to tell Bob about it since there wasn’t anything to be done; I just ate carefully all Thanksgiving.  Tried calling my dentist after we came home and they were closed but scheduled me an appointment on Monday 2 p.m.  I tried my old dentist to see if he would do it and he was closed too.  So I am stuck eating carefully all weekend until I can get it put back on,  I am so tired of this business I may find a new dentist after this.

Went to try to order Bob’s Christmas present online and they are only taking preorders for it–it won’t be out until December 8.  SO I will just wait for it to hopefully show up by Christmas once I get it then.

THe baseball magazine I did a poem for has come out online so I am excited about it.  I didn’t win the top prize or get a finalist nod, but at least I am in the magazine  and will be in the compliation they do later so that is nice.

My nerves held up really well considering everything. We’re getting ready to put up Christmas trees and will see what we can accomplish to that end this weekend.  I’m looking forward to that.

WEll, hope everyone survives Black Friday today and have a successful shopping. We’re just going to stay home out of the madness.  Everybody have a good weekend.


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This link brought to you as a public service. I deny everything.

My “Psych Byte” Webinar for the International Bipolar Foundation

  It’s the day after Thanksgiving at dawn. I’m watching a beautiful orange-gold sunrise while Lucy is chomping her dog food and everyone else is asleep. I hope your Thanksgiving went as well as possible. For those of you in other countries, I hope your week has been a good one. This will be a short post, … Continue reading My “Psych Byte” Webinar for the International Bipolar Foundation