So once I finish office hours I am on Thanksgiving vacation.  It already feels like vacation since my youngest is off with her grandparents for the week.  We join them on Wednesday so I have projects I need to work on while she is gone.  We are going shopping tonight when one of the local malls is having their Christmas Open House early.  So that will be fun.

Things are going well so far this holiday season.  I started Christmas cards last night and got the office done so that was a good start.  Next I’ll do Sunday School people then start on the family ones.  I have some cards we bought on sale last year but I’m not sure they will be enough–I will have to find out.

So sleepy.  I tossed and turned and dreamed last night. Weird dreams, too.  But it was so hard to wake up this morning.  But at least I did wake up and got here and everything.  Most all of my students showed up so that was nice.  I gave a writing assignment to reward them with ten points on their grade.  So we will see how some of the others’ grades turn out.

Hope everyone has a good Thanksgiving week!





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