Ready For A New Day

Don’t know what I need to be ready for, but I’m ready for it.  I have a lot of energy today and not sure how to channel it.  I suppose I could work on the house since the cleaning ladies are coming today.  They do a good job, but there are pockets of chaos what I need to take charge of and handle myself.  So we will see how long the energy lasts.

Did I say I got a nicely worded rejection letter for PANK?  They said that they wouldn’t publish this piece, but were impressed with my writing. SO I sent them another piece right away called “Learning to Dance” which talks about how much I hate dance competitions and such.   So we will see what they do with that.

Got a really nice bit of encouragement from one of my fellow MFA students.  WE were talking over Facebook and she mentioned that before she enrolled in the program, she had read my blog.  I was so shocked I hardly knew what to say.  She said my writing was one of the reasons she decided to attend the W’s program; it impressed her.  So that was a very nice thing to say and  I told her so.  WE got into a conversation about how much writing can mean to people and such. She encouraged me to keep up the blog and stick with the nonfiction writing to help people going through tough times.

So that was my good news yesterday.  What’s yours?  Leave a note in the comments.



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