Happy Halloween!

Got all ready for the trick or treaters tonight.  Got the bags of candy right next to the door and we will see how many people show up.  We have always had a lot of kids show up so we always have fun.

My youngest is dressing up as Heidi for her last year to trick or treat.  We’re going to braid her hair into two ponytails and just let her wander the neighborhood with Bob.  I’ll stay home and hand out candy.  I like seeing what everyone dresses up as so that’s why I stay home.

I’m sleepy today.  I want to go back to bed but I really have to do some things today like laundry and whatnot.  But I’m not quite as sleepy as I used to be around this time, so that is nice.

I’m not nearly as stressed out as I used to be this time of year.  I’m glad of it.  Hopefully the calm will last through Thanksgiving and Christmas.   We have a lot of Christmas shopping to do still; we’re behind what we normally have accomplished by now.  But the oldest  is going to be hard to buy for this year–we mostly want to get her stuff for her apartment life but there’s nowhere in the house to store it once she gets it.  So we will have to work something out.  My middle one is going to get apartment stuff too, but she has more room to store it in her room than her sister.

Hope everyone has a happy Halloween.

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