Daily Archives: October 24, 2017

Penny Positive #6

From An Optimist’s Calendar

Easy Day

Today should be an easy day.  I see Candy and Christy this morning, then go see Holly to get my hair done after lunch.  Hopefully no drama there.  I’m going to work harder at staying awake today than I have been–I have things that need doing and I am going to try to do those things today instead of being lazy and sleeping.

I’ve turned in my essay to my professor yesterday–maybe she will grade it early. (It’s due tomorrow.)  I feel really good about it–I had mentioned the topic in my comments about the story and she told me to go ahead and  do my essay on it, so the subject matter she already approved.  I just hope she likes the writing.

I give a test tomorrow so that will make for an easy day there, too.  Just grading it will take time.  But that’s why I have office hours, so I don’t have to bring things home to do.

I put a feeler out to the local newspaper–they are sponsoring a “storytellers series” and I want to tell my mental health story.  Not sure what that’s going to look like yet, but I hope I can get in on it.  I think it’s a story worth telling so people will know more about and understand bipolar disorder.

Hope everyone has a good day!