Had a wonderful commute into Clinton.  I decided last night to hunt up my Gold City Quartet CD and listen to it a few times.  I was inspired by the concert that my church gave last night that included one of their songs.  I had the best time singing along to it this morning.

My middle one came home to fill out her insurance paperwork where we can finally settle the bills from her car accident in April.  She was good medicine.  Her and Bob went to a movie together, and me and the youngest went Operation Christmas Child gift shopping.  She had already been with her grandmother so she knew exactly what to get that would fit into the Shoebox.  She packed them up herself, too.  I mainly went along to provide the funds for the endeavor.  She is so independent in so many things.  Makes me feel even more useless than usual in raising her.

I go see Tillie tomorrow, but things are really going well.  The teaching is improving as I make praying about it more of a focus.  Things that would have thrown me for a loop are just rolling right off–I say I’m sorry and go and do better.  So I think I will have a good report tomorrow.  I’m back at the point that I sometimes forget I have bipolar disorder.  That is a good place to be.



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