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California Burns. I Copy and Paste.

As California burns, I pause, having finished copying and pasting my blog posts into Scrivener. Next step is to rewrite multiple overview posts about my mental health journey from age eighteen to now. See book outline as my mental health…

Silly Video of Seeing My Book the 1st Time!

  Thank you, Kitt O’Malley, Marie Abanga, & Greg Archer for your wonderful Amazon reviews! Also, big thanks to the author Maricela Estrada-Morena (Bipolar Girl) for her beautiful Kings River Life review of Birth of a New Brain! To read her review & enter for a chance to win a copy, please visit this link!   … Continue reading Silly Video of Seeing My Book the 1st Time!


Today was going really well until I fell out of a chair in my office today.  That hurt.  I wound up flat on my back when my computer chair slid right out from under me at one of the desks. Re-aggravated my side injury, made it kick back up and start bothering me after it had finally stopped last night.  So we will see what the rest of the day holds.

As I started to say yesterday, I finished my craft paper for my W class and think it holds up pretty well.  Hopefully it won’t be sent back for edits like last time.  I just want to get this stuff in my rearview mirror before the holidays really  kick in gear.  Anyway.

My middle child comes home today for a little while.  She’s going to the  Brandon game with us tonight and to the movies to see “Blade Runner 2049” with Bob tomorrow.  She has to sign some paperwork for her insurance settlement before she leaves.  So we will see how that visit goes.  I’m looking forward to seeing her later today.

I think I’m going to go lay down. I don’t feel just all that great after falling.  Hope everyone has a great weekend!