So today was the midterm exam and I need to turn in midterm grades so far.  We have fall break next Monday and Tuesday so we will see how it all goes.  I had five students miss class for midterms today so I need to find a way for them all to make it up at one time.  I hate this.  But some are excused for sport-related reasons and I can’t just say they can’t make it up.

.Someone brought Halloween candy for the mailroom and someone else brought doughnuts.  so that was a little tide-me-over snack today.  I really like this place out here.  People are so friendly.   And I seem to have good kids.  So all that together has made for a happy semester so far.

My oldest comes home today for a bit–she will be here until Saturday afternoon and hopefully will put her Fall Break to good use studying. We haven’t heard from the middle one in a bit–she is so busy she can’t hardly take time out to call unless she really needs something.   So I think I will call her and see what is going on or get Bob to text her.

Everything else is going well–I’ve started on my final project for my W class and hope to keep it going through out the rest of the semester and have a good little bit done by the time it is due in workshop.  I have another craft essay to do and think I have a topic for that already so we will see how it goes as well.

Hope everyone has a good weekend!


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