So I came up with and finished another little flash fiction piece called “Drifter” about a guy having cold feet the week before his wedding.   I had struggled with it last year but picked it up again for the fiction class I am taking and got a pretty good spin on it to end it. I’m saying for class that I was inspired to tell the end of a story first like the novel we are reading now.

Boy, is this novel a hard read.  it loops around and around and takes the unreliable narrator to new heights, with her undercutting every word she says to where you can’t believe a word she says.  Or understand it, for that matter.

Got to class this morning and the door was locked up tight.  I had to hunt up the English Department administrative assistant to help me open it.  It was so frustrating.  So that delayed class but it was okay.  We went over the poem we were supposed to read and even had time for a bit of a review for the test Friday.  I made copies of that today and have it ready.

Had a girl come to me today for accommodations for testing.  We worked it out, and I almost told her I understood, that I was bipolar but thought that would be oversharing. Better to wait on letting something like that loose among students until I absolutely have to.

Hope everyone has a good rest of the week and that Florida and other areas be spared Hurricane Irma.


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