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A Clinical Psychologist Reviews “Bipolar Disorder, My Biggest Competitor”

Many of you in the land of mental health advocacy have heard of David Susman, PhD.  He write stellar blog, is very active on social media and very supportive of people who live with mental illness.  He’s also a professor at the University of Kentucky.  I ask him to review my book and much to my surprise he agreed.  Here’s what Dr. Susman had to say:

“A First Hand Perspective on Living with Bipolar Disorder”

Amy Gamble’s account of her challenges with bipolar disorder is real, compelling, and moving. Just as the illness itself is characterized by the extreme euphoria of mania and the severe depths of depression, her narrative depicts her personal highs and lows as she struggles to understand and learn to manage this life-altering condition. From her competitive days as a collegiate and Olympic athlete, to her hospitalizations and even incarceration while in the throes of her illness, the reader gets a true sense of the battle she has fought and the slow process of ultimately reclaiming her life. As a clinical psychologist who has worked extensively with many people with serious mental illness, I was particularly impressed by her focus not only on her challenges, but also her description of her journey of recovery and the strategies that have helped her regain stability and a new-found purpose as a mental health advocate. Amy makes a powerful statement when she says “Lives can be saved with a simple message that says help is available and treatment works, and there is no shame in having a mental illness.” I would highly recommend this book to anyone who is personally affected by mental illness and for those who wish to gain a greater understanding of the effects of mental illness and the process of recovery.

“Bipolar Disorder, My Biggest Competitor” available NOW on Amazon.

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Review: Birth of a New Brain #PostPartumBipolar

Dyane Harwood thrilled me when she sent me an advance copy of her memoir, Birth of a New Brain: Healing from Postpartum Bipolar Disorder. (I pre-ordered it and was anxiously awaiting it’s October 2017 release.) Her memoir fills a much-needed…

Mama Roach’s Last Resort

So…In a hypo-manic state after burying my dead cats, washing dishes, sweeping, vacuuming, washing laundry, folding and putting away laundry (kid is at church, very productive time)…I revamped my fundraiser page.

You can click that pic and it will take you there. I cut back on the long winded ‘my story’ part. I tossed in some heavy metal flavored humor. I posted the pic from last night and then thought, oh, god, people will see that and say, ‘no wonder she has bugs.” Fact is, the ceilings were that discolored when we moved in 8 years ago and if the landlord considers fixing your heat a hindrance, your ceiling color isn’t getting fixed.

Still, you can see the bugs are just moving into new corners as soon as the efficacy of the spray wears off. I knew something was up when we moved in and I noticed all the corners had big pieces of scotch tape on them. I of course took it down…But the previous tenants had done that in an effort to seal off the bugs’ entrance. Which means the bug problem is this particular lot/court, not each individual.

Anyway…Click it, don’t click it, you may get a laugh even if you can’t donate or you can pass it on. Now my hypomania is fading fast because soon my kid will be home, and soon, the next battle will begin. This morning it was 20 minutes of her lamenting that I wouldn’t put mascara on her because she suddenly decided her lashes make her look ugly. I don’t know what’s coming next, with her, or with me. That I haven’t gone homicidal kinda makes me think I deserve a kick ass superhero name. Snarkasma is cool and all, but perhaps…When I am being really bad ass in spite of everything being shit…


No? Meh.

A Musical Fiction Friday Challenge

Originally posted on Simply Marquessa:
Photo credit: Paper Relics (Hope Wallace) via Foter.com / CC BY-NC-ND During the month of September, I’m going to try something new with YOU on Fridays. If it works, great. If it doesn’t, we’ll move on and pretend like it never happened, okay? 🙂 You know how much I like…

HELK! Going under in every way…

Three kittens died this week. It doesn’t matter they weren’t mine, I am supposed to be the cat whisperer. THEN my beloved kitty Graves went down the tubes and died because he apparently got into the trash and devoured tiny remnants of roach killer from the tubes. (That or the mama cat has a genetic flaw, even the kitty I gave my sister’s brood from that litter has been sick, so assuming it’s environmental and my fault doesn’t quite gel.)

THEN instead of a peaceful to day to grieve for my baby and nurse mega pms cramps…One of Spook’s friends mom texted me asking if the girls could sleep over here and go to church tomorrow. I finally let down my guard and an hour in, this girl was digging at her scalp and I found nymphs and nits. So I texted her mom who had taken off and got no reply and I found a nit in my kid’s hair so once the S’s mom got back, I had to treat my kid my kid and commense with the laundry and vacuuming (which kinda works better when the vac doesn’t spit everything back at you)…

I didn’t get to grieve for my kitty Graves at all except for some pre-menstrual tears I couldn’t ward off. Those evil friends of hers even ASKED to see my dead baby’s corpse! How I loathe such cold hearts, kids or adults.

Now I find out the bug killing campaign didn’t net enough to truly treat the nest, they ones who don’t die simply migrate to other rooms and I am so damned demoralized and frustrated I could stick my head in a oven. But fear not. My oven doesn’t work cos the landlord won’t pay to fix anything…Including all those leaks in the ceiling that have discolored everything.

Yeah, those little asshole black spots up top…are roaches. AFTER being hosed down in ten different ways. So if I am asking for help…it’s not a scampaign or drama. This is just ridiculous.

Not to mention the MIA parents who ditched their lice infested kid with me meant me spending the only cash I had left on the lice killing shampoo ($7 a bottle, generic) so now I amk am having panic attacks because I have no money for gas in the car to get her to school, Gauge is on orange which likely won’t cut it. R can’t help, my mom and sis are broke, my dad refuses even three bucks for a gallon of gas…I am likley gonna have to try to pawn this laptop just to get $3 for a gallon of gas as money won’t come in til Thursday.

I am so tired. Exhausted. Beaten down. I am a single mon with mental disabilities doing her best abd I can’t catch a break. Depression disorder plus depressive life situations…Not good,at all.

PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF PEGACORN KIND….donate to our gofundme campaign. Give a virtual gift card for a gas station. Send a stash of lice shampoo. If you have ever been down the rabbit hole where it all hurts so much you just want a needle of novacaine to numb your breaking heart and fraying nerves…PLEASE. Pass it on, help if you can. If I can’t raise the money for the bug guys’ next visit, it’s just gonna get worse. I NEED to make something work and I need help. (Or as Spook called it for years, HELK!).

Now it is quiet and I am depleted in every way and I may well cry myself to sleepm in honor of my beloved deceased Graves.

RIP little man.