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Cool Mental Health Podcasts Aplenty!

What a striking logo – I love it!   Do you listen to podcasts? I’m a relative latecomer to the podcast world, but hey, better late than never, right? Thanks to Lucy’s daily walk, I’ve turned into quite the podcast connoisseur. We strut our stuff for 20 minutes. At that point my girl gets tired … Continue reading Cool Mental Health Podcasts Aplenty!

The Park As Good Medicine – Part 4

Establishing A Routine I learned early on after I got sick that it was very easy to fall into the trap of not having an organized day. In all the programs I went to for pain, fibromyalgia, etc. they all stressed how important it was to still have a routine. This included regular bed and …

Getting Ready

So today is packing for my oldest to go up for her senior year at college. We’re packing all her clothes and whatnot to go up to Columbus.    Next time she moves we hope it’s somewhere permanent.  I’ll also see my middle one on this trip since she is coming across from Starkville to Columbus to help and see everybody.

I went to my college I’m going to work for yesterday and got trained in the computer system they use for gradebooks, attendance, etc.  SO that was useful time.  Got my parking pass and my staff  ID as well, so that was easily taken care of.  Just a lot of walking.  I’m hoping being out there will condition me to more exercigse and moving around.  We will see.

I’m going to start driving out to the college Monday so I can see what the traffic will be like and if I can get to class on time with it. I’m praying for grace in getting there, getting parked, and being in the classroom on time.  It’s going to be close but I should make it.  I hope.

SO much excitement to plan for.  I’m looking forward to it all.