Daily Archives: August 11, 2017

Hypomania, Praise, and Self-Talk

Photo thanks to Gustavo Espíndola The praise came. Kitt loved to please. The more praise she received, the better she felt. The more she achieved, the higher she soared, until she couldn’t. Her body couldn’t keep up. She broke down,…

Earache Again

My youngest has the earache again, so we are going to the doctor this morning.  We will see what is going on.

My oldest got cavities filled yesterday so that wasn’t any fun for her. But she handled it like a trooper and was still able to help with dinner last night afterwards so that was good.

Talked to my middle one last night on the phone for a bit.  She is enjoying the holiday before fall starts by hanging out with her friends and doing stuff with the school.

I got in my Harry Connick Jr. CD’s yesterday and am listening to them today,  Some old ones this time, not new recordings.  I’m enjoying the first one so far.  It just him on piano mostly–he does different things but this one is very bare and stripped-down.

I need to start moving faster in the mornings. I’m too sleepy.