So later today I talk to SOcial Security about getting my children’s benefits from my account.  Pray that it will go well and I can get them all the required documentation they need and it will go through quickly.

I also go to the school today to pick up my youngest one’s schedule and computer to use for class. The textbooks and all are supposed to be on it, etc.  I still think it’s a dumb idea to hand out practically free computers, but  that is the way of the world now. I go do that at 3 p.m.

Talked to the people at the college I want to work for in the HR end and they have all my transcripts and she said she would send it all over to the English department for them to act on,  I really hope this comes through for fall.

So now I’m just pretty much waiting on God to put his hand on all this and work it to what he wants it to be,  I know what  I want, but I know I have to submit to what  he wants first.




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