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Seven Genes

The International Bipolar Foundation recently shared this article: http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/317919.php And I found it pretty fascinating. Researchers have identified 7 genes that are related to insomnia. That alone is great news, as gene therapy becomes an ever more real way to treat mental illness. But they also found some interesting associations. Now, I should note that […]

Disease Found in 99 Percent of Brains Donated by NFL Families

A game watched for entertainment, for players' feats of amazing athletic prowess! And in 99% of players' brains examined, there was evidence of chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE.)
The article below.

The degenerative brain disease develops after repeated concussions or blows to the head

The degenerative disease, chronic traumatic encephalopathy or CTE, is common in football players, boxers, veterans and others exposed to head trauma. (Wikimedia Commons)
By Jason Daley
JULY 25, 2017 4:07PM
Over the last decade, one of the biggest stories in sports has been the mounting evidence of chronic traumatic encephalopathy, or CTE, in football players. The degenerative brain disease develops after repeated blows to the head, and a new study finds a strong link between playing football and CTE. As Daniella Emanuel at CNN reports, the brains of 110 out of 111 NFL players that were donated to the researchers showed signs of the disease.
The study, published this week in the journal JAMAwas based on autopsies of 202 deceased football players including those who did not play beyond the high school and college level. As Emanuel reports, in addition to the NFL players, the disease was found in 48 out of 53 college players and 3 of the 14 high school players.
The brains examined for the study came from subjects that ranged in age from 23 to 89 and from every position on the football field, from punters to linebackers, Joe Ward, Josh Williams and Sam Manchester report for The New York Times. In the brains examined, the largest number of CTE cases were found in linemen, running backs and defensive backs. Eighty-six percent of the professional players in the study had severe cases of the disease as did 56 percent of the college players.
“There's no question that there's a problem in football. That people who play football are at risk for this disease,” Ann McKee, director of Boston University's CTE Center and coauthor of the study tells Emanuel. “And we urgently need to find answers for not just football players, but veterans and other individuals exposed to head trauma.”

According to the Concussion Legacy Foundation, a CTE advocacy and research group, the disease occurs when clumps of a protein called Tau, which destroy brain cells, develop after repeated head trauma. The disease usually progresses over time, causing memory loss and confusion, impaired judgment and eventually dementia. The disease usually impacts a sufferer’s mood and behavior in their 20s and 30s, progressing to cognitive impairments in their 40s and 50s. Besides football players, boxers and combat veterans are also at risk for CTE.
It's important to keep in mind that the samples in the study are not randomly selected. As McKee tells The New York Times, the study sample suffers from "tremendous" bias since most of the brains studied were donated by families that suspected their loved one suffered from CTE, which currently can only be diagnosed post-mortem. That bias makes it difficult to figure out what percentage of current football players may develop CTE.
Even so, the results strengthen the link between football and CTE and highlights what researchers don’t know. “There are many questions that remain unanswered,” McKee tells ESPN.com. "How common is this? How many years of football is too many? What is the genetic risk? Some players do not have evidence of this disease despite long playing years.”  She also notes there is a possibility that drug use, steroids, alcohol abuse and diet could also contribute to the onset and progression disease.
As ESPN.com reports, the NFL denied the links between football and CTE for years, but in 2015 the league settled a class action lawsuit brought by former players. The league will pay up to $1 billion in medical costs for 20,000 current and former players who suffered concussions and now experience potential CTE-related problems, according to NPR. In 2016, the League made it’s first public acknowledgement that there is likely a connection between playing football and CTE. And as Emanuel reports, in recent years the NFL has changed protocols surrounding concussions and discourages full-tackle football for children.

In a statement, the NFL calls the study valuable and says it is committed to supporting continued scientific research into CTE, reports Jessica Glenza at The Guardian. “My hope is we’ll stop arguing about whether or not this is a problem, or whether or not it needs to be addressed,” McKee tells Glenza. “We need to take our heads out of the sand. It’s not going away because we want it to.”

The Park As Good Medicine – Part 1

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Make American Hate Again

YEP. Tis that time again. That time when Morgue forgets this is a mental health blog and tosses in her political pennies not because I have any use for politics but because…it’s the reality these days and reality is hideous. This country will never be great again under current leadership. It’s just one man’s carnival to teach the sheeple to be hatemongering narcissistists like himself (anyone catch the Boy Scout Jamboree thing? Or the Tweets where he even dragged his 11 year old into his own media circus? Disgusting.) Of course, being king narcissist, even if you lick his pricey shoe leather and agree with every word out of his mouth, you will still be beneath him and unworthy of his presence. It’s Narcissistic Personality Disorder 101, in any DSM version.

But, Morgue, almost EVERY high profile and public figure has narcissistic qualities, it’s what makes them good leaders.

True, sociopaths are most often very successful. Because they have no conscience and have zero self awareness.

I had hope for a new regime, a president whose roots weren’t lifelong political involvement. I really did. What I have seen is essentially the start of The Movie That Never Was- Gray State. (One of the guys involved in making the trailer suddenly killed his wife, kids, and himself with no prior history of suicidal ideation, hmmmmm.) I am just one more ‘crazy’ person but the state of things these days…My crazy is looking pretty sane when our most powerful supposedly intelligent and cultured leader spends half his time traveling to his estate to golf and the other half dictating mindless hate mongering tweets to his minions if not verbalizing the hatred itself in his public speeches. I find it appalling. I am a nobody, but I’m still an American with a right to free speech.

I know the rare occasion I post political, it’s pretty much overlooked, ignored, or it starts some flame wars which I mostly spam because I refuse to have a battle of wits with unarmed individuals. But frankly, my mental state is pretty solid today because I got a call from my beloved spawn late last night declaring how much she misses me and wants to come home…and it made my blackened stone heart dance in bright pink and red Valentine’s colors and turn to old school Slush Puppy material.

So I am entitled to a political rant on occasion if my mental demons are safely tucked away in their closet and not rattling their chains.

I will NOT be assimilated and say I “hate” President Trump. Hatred is not what this country, nor tis world, needs. Acceptance, tolerance, kindness, a return to values that all can honor without reservation…That’s what is needed and that is what I pray to the sacred pegacorn, spaghetti monster, God, and all other deities for.

A quote I heard yesterday that rings out for me, because it is precisely why I am so concerned with my child’s conscienceless behavior…

“To educate a man in mind and not in morals is to educate a menace to society.” – Theodore Roosevelt

If your big morality measure is pride in not having had a drink of alcohol your whole life yet you tout religion and moral values while spewing hatred and intolerance…

You sort of are a menace to society.

Let the hate comments begin.

Out of Sorts

So the little one turns out to have an ear infection probably from getting water in her ears all from last week at camp.  So she is home and resting and we are trying to keep her ear comfortable.   She’s going to have a good week regardless of plans getting messed up.

I had those weird dreams of displacement again this morning.  I seemed to be in places that I did not recognize and not feeling like I was asleep, more like I was awake.  But I finally woke up and snapped out of it.  I hate those dreams because they always feel so real.

And my reflux acted up again last night.  Probably because we ate Sonic chicken last night  I took another dose of medicine and ate some leftover ice cream to take the acid out.  It worked but took forever for me to go to sleep.

So I just generally don’t feel well this morning.  I’m going ot take the little one out for lunch but not sure where yet.  Bob has his rush time at the office today so may not even be home for lunch  We will figure something out and then we will go to the grocery store to get some lunch stuff.

Hope everyone has a good rest of the week.  We will try to here as well.