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99 In The Shade But It’s Cool

So, okay, it’s only 91 today, but it’s gonna reach 98 by weeks’ end. Even with air and fans…the humidity makes it uncomfortable.

Good thing my brain is behaving today so it’s cool.

I was mildly irked by the nurse doctor’s staff pushing for the lithium level test and when I finally had it done…two days later I’m still waiting to hear if all is okay. I had to call them, then wait another 4 hours.WTF. This is hell for a paranoid with an anxiety disorder. Logically, if they don’t call, it’s likely nothing is wrong, right? My scumbag brain thinks not and insists on hearing yay or nay before it will calm down. Fortunately, when they finally got back to me…all tests came back normal. Not a fan of how that place operates, old regime was more on the ball.

Yeah, yeah, it just wouldn’t be Morgue without a complaint.

I talked to my sister last night, or more accurately, texted and she explained to me that mom is in the early stages of dementia and turning on everyone then she has no memory of doing it. I am trying to show compassion but considering the lack mom has shown me for my mental condition…it’s a challenge. At least I know it’s not personal, she’s still trying to turn my sister’s kid against her and he’s about to turn 19. I really don’t look forward to aging with my genetics, my future appears to be either Alzheimer’s or dementia. Shoot me instead.

I made it 36 hours without a real cigarette yesterday, just using the e-cig. Cos I ran out and am broke, not because I want to be a conformist hypocrite former smoker. Shoot me if I become that asshole. Suffice it to say…I broke and begged R to bring me a pack. He did and in return I brought frozen pizza to the shop today for lunch and watched the place while he ran to do an outcall. By hour 3, I really was crawling out of my skin. Heat, bright light, too much noise and input, I overload. Fled the scene like a bank robber driving away.

Came home and was running an instant daycare. Then came the wailing about can the devil girls eat supper with us…I said if they’d eat spaghetti, sure. That’s easy and cheap enough to make in bulk. Then I had to run out for the ingredients and took all 3 girls with me. What can I say, some days I am calmer and strong enough to do such things. I unfortunately never know when I am going to be a badass semi normal person or when I am going to rapidly circle the drain and become a weakling wussy basketcase. It’s like a sucky lottery, all I ever win is wimpy basketcase. The rare occasion I get to feel like a badass…winner winner chicken dinner, no salmonmella included. YAY.

Another cool thing, R gave me a brand new antenna thingie a customer gave him and now, we have 6 TV channels whereas before we had zero. One of them is even good!

So, that’s the current tale from the crypt. Proof I can give credit to good things when it’s due.

Catch you next mood swing…Don’t go too far.


So we shipped the youngest one off to church camp yesterday for the week.  We’re kind of lonesome around here this morning without her.  But she will be having fun and learning so I don’t feel too bad with her being gone.   ‘

Listening to the Hamilton soundtrack today to try and finish it for once. I‘ve listened to the first disc several times but have never finished the second  because I’ve had to turn it off for various reasons before I get done.

I got up with Bob this morning, trying to get in the habit in case I do get the job at 8 am.  I’ll get up early for money 🙂

Very sad thing yesterday–one of the senior baseball players at my kids’ high school killed himself yesterday morning.  It’s really upsetting to people because they say he was a really nice happy-go-lucky kid.  I don’t know him but I feel for his family.


The Washington Post: Jeff Sessions wants police to take more cash from American citizens

Jeff Sessions wants police to take more cash from American citizens


Here comes the police state.  Can I go home now?

Hold The Mayo!  (Unless You Have Private Insurance)

The big news this week swirls around the now Officially Failed horrible Republican “health care bill.”  A prime reason for its failure is that the GOP cannot scrape up enough warm bodies to pass it.  Prior to the recent defections of two more Senators, one of whom cannot support it because it’s too liberal, is the mysterious illness of Senator John McCain, R-AZ.

Mr. McCain, 81, is recovering from surgery at the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix, AZ, where he had a blood clot removed from somewhere in his skull.  “Above the eye,” is what the media says, but looking at the structures “above the eye,” I only see places in the skull: the frontal sinuses being the most proximal.  Why anyone would have a blood clot there will remain a mystery until someone reveals it.

But never mind that.  I want to talk about HOW John McCain got his surgery, at the age of 81, at the prestigious Mayo Clinic.  You see, I myself sought out an appointment there, for treatment of my badly mangled left wrist.  You know, the one that has been in a splint now for almost two years.  Mayo Clinic is really good at difficult cases, or so they say.  So I called their appointment desk.

The Mayo Clinic knows how to pick their front-end staff.  Extremely polite and professional in every way, including the part where, after expressing certainty that their world-class surgeons can fix you, they tell you sympathetically (yet firmly) that the Mayo Phoenix does not accept Medicare.  Do you, perhaps, have other insurance?  No?  Oh, here: If you don’t mind travelling, call the home office in Rochester, MN.  They do accept Medicare.

Except they don’t, really.  When I called them, they already had my information that the Phoenix people had forwarded on.  

“We don’t have any appointments,” the extremely firm appointment lady said.  Firmly.

“No appointments?  Into the future?  None at all?”


“But I thought your hospital accepts Medicare.”

“We do.  We simply don’t.  Have.  Appointments.”

If John McCain had to rely on Medicare, like the vast majority of the older Americans he claims to represent rely on Medicare, he too would face the “No Appointments” dilemma.  But he’s a Public Servant.  And therefore he’s treated to the best of the best when it comes to health care and how to pay for it.  Carte blanche for them, no copays, no limits, no nothing.

I say let our elected officials–all of them–live with exactly what they dish out to the people they live off of.  After all, they live off of our tax dollars!  Why should they get the creme de la creme when I get the bum’s rush, simply because I’m old and not rolling around in the pork barrel?

Hold the Mayo, John.  And I wish you a full recovery, with plenty of time to think about how life would be if you weren’t rich and powerful.