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“Remember why you came and while you’re alive to experience the warmth before you go” – Incubus “The Warmth” I struggle on most days with my responsibilities at home. Parenthood is very difficult for me and something I feel like I’m getting worse at with each passing day. There are times when I get unreasonably […]

Feeling the Loss

I look for her
Around each corner
Listen for her
In the wind
Wait for her
In strands of sunlight
Call out to her
As darkness falls
Lose sleep to her
In the midnight hours
Cry a tear for her
As I feel this loss
Remember her
As the friend she was
Pray for her
As she rests in peace

Happy Anniversary to Us

Bob and I celebrated our anniversary a little early–taking advantage of our youngest  being gone to go out to dinner at Shapley’s, a fancy steakhouse here in the Ridgeland area.  Today’s the actual day–we’ve been married 24 years today. We’ve started trying to plan what we want to do on our 25th–we usually take a trip somewhere by our selves every five years around it.  But we will see what happens then.

Other than than that we had a slow weekend. The middle one went to the local COmicCon and brought me back a Charlie Brown book–a collection of all the prose writing of Charles Schulz. It’s a decent looking sized book and should keep me occupied during DTU while the youngest is dancing.

I’ve figured out what is bothering me so much about my thesis thus far.  I haven’t included anything yet about being saved, so it’s all depressing.  No one wants to read something with no redemption, but I’m scared no one wants to read about my redemption–particularly my thesis committee–an atheist, and gay Jew-ish man, and a writer who I know is a liberal politically.   I’m praying about it, but all I know to do it fit it in chronologically and see what they say.