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It Can’t Hurt

I found out yesterday that I’m anemic.  
More tests to follow, but in the meantime—

—Liver and Onions for dinner.

Bipolar Bandit’s Resume

resume picI have been on disability for almost 12 years. I had to go on it due to being in the hospital 16 times in one year for pancreatitis, heart problems that landed me in the ER, numerous stomach issues, my gall bladder taken out and a few visits to the psychiatric ward.  The medical trips were due to the psychiatric meds I was taking.

I have been working voluntarily as a mental health advocate and run several social media sites that are  mental health related, but also Spreading Kindness Lande Foundation, Mickey’s Community, Where in Winston?, Mickey Miracles Promotions (finally going to start charging for my services as I also have been helping over 20 people run their social media sites and websites.

Because I can make up to $900/ month and still keep my benefits and most importantly my health insurance (medicare), I am going to not only volunteer at a local ER, but also have gotten a job at a movie theater and a grocery store.  I start July 12th.  I also plan to work at a few other places one day a week so I can meet as many people as I can.

The reason I decided to write this blog is to give people hope who are on disability due to a mental illness. I finally feel like my bipolar disorder is under control due to my therapist and great doctor.

First is my resume that I have been using.  Second, I wrote one that I intend to put on my mayoral page and then use when I run for the first female president of the United States in about eight years. I plan to be a child psychiatrist. The last one is a detailed summary that I had to use for a ghost writing job that I am applying for. I have written Bipolar Bandit’s story (check it out) and promised to write more. I still do, but this is part of my story.


5883 Odenton Lane; Pfafftown, NC 27040




Objective: I would like to work where I can best use my skills as a writer and my experiences to better myself and where I work.



Undeclared Major: University of New York at Oswego

Associates Degree: Daytona Beach Community College

Bachelor’s Degree   University of Central Florida- Education degree


Job Experience:

Winn Dixie and Greenhills (Orlando, Florida and Syracuse, New York)- Cashier and Deli worker

AMC Theaters- Senior Staff (Daytona Beach, Florida): Projectionist, Box Office, Concession, trainer

United Artist Theaters- (Casselberry, Florida) Manager

Disney World- (Orlando, Florida) Front Desk and Trainer

Lake County Schools (Clermont, Florida)- Elementary School Teacher & English/Reading Teacher 6th-8th

American Business Networks (Mocksville, NC)- Digital Marketing and Data Base Administrator

Bizsource- (Winston Salem, NC) Digital Marketer, Data Base Administrator, Marketing Manager

Sales4Hire (Mocksville, NC)- Blogger, Digital Marketer


Experience in blogging, owning, operating, and doing digital marketing for:

Spreading Kindness Lande Foundation:



Tuesday Music Night:


Mickey Miracles:

Bipolar Bandit:

Mental Health Advocates United:

Advocates for People with Mental Illnesses (Group):

American Business Networks:



  • Spreading Kindness Coordinator
  • Owner Mickey Miracles Promotions
  • Teacher of the Year
  • Graduate of UCF
  • Trainer Walt Disney World
  • Graduate of Daytona Beach Community College
  • Attended SUNY Oswego
  • Regents Scholar Onondaga Central
  • Attended Marcellus High School
  • 1st Girl to Make the Golf Team at Marcellus High School
  • Cross Country
  • Volleyball
  • Started Amnesty International at High School
  • President of 4-H troup.
  • President of L.A.M.P (Junior Achievement)
  • Leader of My Generation-born in January(1st month) of third day (Holy Trinity) of 1971, year after 1970 in Germany as an American Citizen- God told me this when I was 13
  • Bipolar Bandit Pseudonym (Best Blogger by Healthline)
  • President/Founder/Owner/ Administrator of Grp on FB Advocates for People with Mental Illnesses-join group (see how many people in it- over 20,000 world wide
  • Founder of Mental Health Advocates United FB page-check out followers and likes (almost 30,000 likes
  • Founder of Mental Health Advocates
  • Embrace Life Day Coordinator/Organizer, Winston Salem, NC: Embrace Life day where everything was donated, we had  local groups, entertainers entertain, had Wounded Warrior speak, and had all of the major mental health agencies and other mental health related groups/companies be exhibitors (Karate, Religious Representation, Author of Mental Health Related books, Whole Foods, Nutritionist, Armed Services, Local Police and Firemen, local baseball player, mascot for Chic-Fil-A and Winston Salem Dash,etc.)- It was on the news
  • Board of Centerpoint CFAC Winston Salem (was going to be chairperson, but chose to leave local mental health advocacy because I felt like the management of the Centerpoint was not working or listening to the Families of the CFAC board and all everyone was doing at any of the local Mental Health meetings was to complain and very little was ever done
  • Board Mental Health Coalition, Winston Salem, NC
  • Patient at Orlando hospitals, NY Hospitals, Germany Hospital (at birth), and MN hospital, Connecticut hospital (poison ivy)- List of ailments: Heart problems landing me in ICU due to side effects of lithium (taken for bipolar disorder), numerous stomach issues, Psychiatric patient at many locations where I decided to become a mental health advocate due to poor treatment at most of the hospitals, gall bladder taken out, pancreatitis three times, hysterectomy at age 45, broken arms, concussion from falling off slide at age of 3 and dropped on head as a baby
  • Violin Player
  • Clarinet Professional
  • Self-Taught Pianist
  • ABN Data Base Entry, Digital Marketer
  • Shift Leader Carmike Theaters Winston Salem
  • President of Homeowner’s Association (Olde Town Village)
  • ESOL Teacher (English Speakers of another language) Lake County Schools
  • Grade Level Chair Mascotte Elementary
  • Union Representative Griffin Middle School
  • BizSource Marketer
  • Writer’s Access Employee
  • Volunteer at Baptist Hospital
  • Co-worker/Owner Restaurant
  • Publix Employee (Grocery store by Whole Foods) Winston Salem, NC
  • Greenhills Employee, Nedrow, NY- deli
  • Winn-Dixie Empolyee (Owned Stocked, doubled and then became worth nothing
  • Trainer at Walt-Disney World, Orlando, FL
  • Horse Pooper Scooper Upper Watkins Glenn 4-H Camp
  • McDonald’s Employee- Briefly until parents found out about it and made me quit
  • Manager United Artist, Casselberry, FL
  • Trainer/Senior Staff AMC Theaters, Daytona Beach, FL
  • Steak and Shake Employee
  • Shoney’s Employee- 2 weeks until I realized I could not be a waitress
  • Part-Time Manager AMC Winston Salem
  • Proudest of: Godmother to Ryan, Aunt to 6 nieces and nephews, daughter of Bruce and Sue Lande, Husband to Chris Clark, Granddaughter of Art and Dot Burghardt (Scenic Valley Riding Stables), Goddaughter to Kathie Doctor and Greg Lande, niece to Martha Nelson, Jill George, Dottie Anderson, Jack Burghardt, Gayle Burghardt, Russell George, and Parent to Pokey and Gizmo (who thinks he is a puppy)
  • Child Psychiatrist- about to take classes at Forsyth Tech and ask Dr. T (Psychiatrist) if I can intern with him
  • Michelle 4 Mayor of Winston Salem (Already have signs, handouts from Allegra Printing (Perry) from Networking Group that meets at Mayberry Restaurant- Northpoint Blvd, Winston Salem
  • 1st Female President of the United States-registered for 2016 elections, have changed from Democrat to Independent to Republican and plan to run as independent


Short summary: I have experience with digital marketing, teaching, business, SEO, data base administration and am passionate about getting the word out about whatever topic you choose. I was an English teacher and received Teacher of the Year. I also worked at Disney World, Managed a movie theater, worked in a deli, various restaurants, and have operated and own several companies and organizations Twitter pages, websites, Pinterest boards, and FB pages and groups.


Long summary: I have experience with digital marketing, teaching, business, SEO, data base administration and am passionate about getting the word out about whatever topic you choose. I was an English teacher and received Teacher of the Year. I also worked at Disney World, Managed a movie theater, worked in a deli, various restaurants, and have operated and own several companies and organizations Twitter pages, websites, Pinterest boards, and FB pages and groups.

I started out my journey working at a 4-H camp and at McDonald’s. I then worked in a deli in the Syracuse, NY area.  I went to school at SUNY Oswego for two years until I moved to Daytona Beach to continue my education and at the time it was undeclared. I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in elementary education. I could not find a job right away so I worked as a trainer at Walt Disney World (hotel front desk trainer).


When I got my first job teaching, I learned how to teach children who did not know English, and taught parents who knew Spanish English so they could help their children. (I took Spanish all the way through college.)  I was the grade level chair when I taught 4th grade, was a Union representative for a drop out prevention middle school where I received teacher of the year mainly because I had kids form a human flag with different colored shirts and arranged for the fire department to take a picture from above. We sang patriotic songs and had kids read poetry.  (I was a reading and English teacher and still get chills when I read some of the poems they wrote.) This was done the week after 9/11. I also made a larger flag a few years after that with elementary school children. Both pictures showed up in the local newspapers.


After retiring from teaching in Florida, I moved to NC to be closer to family and that was when I started working for my dad (I call him mi padre).  He opened three businesses that are now all closed as he has retired.  They were American Business Networks, Sales4Hire, and Bizsource. I had no experience in business other than watching him be a salesman for 40 years.  I self taught myself how to market for his companies and do data base entry so I could send out emails via Mail Chimp to remind people of upcoming networking groups, events,and speaking engagements.


When he retired from that, he started a program called Tuesday Music Night where he gets local musicians who are just starting out to perform in live audiences. I have helped his FB page grow, helped him with his website, and put up fliers that I designed around town. I am also always on the lookout for musicians who are good who I see the potential for being great.


After teaching for almost 9 years, I went on disability due to being in the hospital 16 times in one year for everything from heart problems that landed me in the ICU, to pancreatitis, to numerous stomach problems, and getting my gall bladder taken out two weeks before my wedding.  I also suffer from bipolar disorder and have been in more psychiatric hospitals than I can count. Due to the mistreatment of patients I have seen in hospitals, I started advocating for those with mental illnesses who were less fortunate than me. My mom, who passed away in 2014, was my biggest advocate and went into psychiatric nursing to learn more about my illness.  She also helped me start an annual event called Embrace Life Day that was a free event where we had a speaker from The Wounded Warrior speak, several mental health related exhibitors including DBSA, NAMI, BringChange2Mind, Mental Health America. We also had exhibitors that help with mental health like local churches,karate, nutrition,dance, equine therapy, and music and art therapy and more.


Mental Health Advocacy is my passion and purpose in life. At the age of 17, I was approached by a lawyer who saw my intelligence and my talent to help others with their mental illnesses and asked me to help him with his cause. I did not do that as after I left the hospital I was onto being a teenager and getting back into running groups at my high school. I was the first female to make the golf team, president of a 4-H group, started an Amnesty International group at my local high school, was in band, and managed to graduate on time even though I missed most of my junior year. I did that graduating with a Regent’s scholarship.  When I was in middle school I raised the most money for Unicef asking for donations while trick or treating and made it in the newspaper.  I also via 4-H, volunteered at a nursing home where my adopted grandmother and I would entertain the other patients with her playing piano and I accompanying her with my violin.


I started getting depressed at the age of 13 and was not functional.  I could not concentrate enough to vacuum the stairs, cried all the time, and would miss two weeks of school at a time. Then, I would go back to school and catch up in a few days. Those now looking back were mini manic episodes.  It was at the age of 17 that I was admitted to the ICU of a psychiatric hospital in Syracuse, NY where I ended up staying for about three months. Yet again, after getting out, I was able to catch up with my school work. However,due to the embarrassment and stigma attached to mental illness at the time, my parents paid for me to go to a private Catholic School. ( I was raised Lutheran and now now attend a non-denominational church where I was baptized for the second time by immersion.  I had a close relationship with God starting at the age of 13.  He told me what he wanted me to do in the course of my life.  He wanted me to be a teacher, then a child psychiatrist and then the first female president of the United States.  I have teacher checked off the list, am planning on enrolling in a local community college to take the courses I need and hoping that my current psychiatrist will allow me to intern with him.  I already have taken steps to become mayor of my city and all my life have told people I would some day run for president. That is how I knew that Clinton would not win the election. (I am supposed to be the first female president.) I have a strong faith in Jesus, our Lord and Savior, but also accept other religions and know a lot about them.


I also know how to speak Spanish and know some sign language. I know a little Russian because my dad spied on the Russians while he was in the Air Force. I also know a little German as I was born in Germany and a little Chinese (Mandarin) because one of my best friends is Chinese.


My dad is my hero and I have always looked up to him. I get my ambition, intelligence, musical talent, and business sense from him. I got my kindness,compassionate, caring ways from my mom.  I have started an organization called Spreading  Kindness Lande Foundation in her name. (She lost her battle with cancer at the age of 65 and was the kindest person I know.


Please take some time to like our FB page. I also have several other pages/causes.  I run a group on Facebook called Advocates for People with mental illnesses and a page called Mental Health Advocates United that combined have over 40,000 followers world wide.  I also write under the pseudonym Bipolar Bandit. Please take the time to google me and read more about my struggles, education on the topic of many mental illnesses, and how to be a great mental health advocate.  I also have a FB page, Twitter page, and my Pinterest page is the most popular when it comes to bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and several other mental illnesses. I have a lot of followers and constantly am getting letters of appreciation from not only Pinterest, but Twitter, FB, and comments on my blog.


I am hard working,love children, have two cats, am happily married to the sweetest,most caring, kind and intelligent person I know. He works in the computer field. We live in North Carolina, USA.


I have dreams that I know that I can attain due to setting goals and listening to what the Lord and the people who have passed away tell me to do.


I recently moved into a new house where I am going to have a Christmas in July party on July 4th.  I have invited hundreds of people and really looking forward to it.  People will be bringing a dish to pass and a $1 wrapped gift to play a game with as part of the Christmas party. Our house is all out of boxes after a week and I already have my house decked out in patriotic things.  I plan to put up a small Christmas tree where the wrapped gifts will go.


I love life and although I have struggled since I was 13, I believe, I am finally healed from a life of pure hell.  I look forward to pursuing more of my dreams and goals. I have been networking with people on behalf of not only Spreading Kindness, but also my business Mickey Miracles Promotions, Mickey’s Community, Where in Winston, and several other websites I have created for myself and/or other organizations and businesses. I have been doing it all for free because I am on disability. However, I can make up to $900 a month so plan to get a few jobs to get into the world again and meet people so that I will be a shoe in for the mayoral race.


I inspire people I meet and most people are impressed with my accomplishments. Those who know I have a mental illness, are amazed at how well I have done. I don’t usually tell people I struggle with mental illness until they get to know me. This is my way of fighting the stigma as then they are shocked to hear that I have a mental illness and I have appeared “normal to them”.  I taught for almost ten years with only a few people knowing I struggled with bipolar disorder. This is while I was severely depressed at times and severely manic at other times.


I hope that by reading all of this, if you have a mental illness or know someone who does, you will know that we, as people with mental illnesses, are just like everyone else, we just have a chemical imbalance. As long as we get the right treatment we can function like everyone else. There are many people who are famous who have a mental illness.  For most of the names, google search “Bipolar Bandit famous people with mental illnesses and it should pull up my Pinterest board on the subject.


If you think you are crazy, you are not any crazier than anyone else who is “normal” and remember that.

Specialities: Teaching, Data base entry, business, health, mental health, SEO, Marketing, Social Media, ghost writing, and take on challenges of researching other topics that seem interesting. My latest is learning about poisonous snakes vs. safe snakes and what to do and how long you have before getting help. (20 minutes if you see two holes. In other words, call 911 immediately)

Specialties: Volleyball, Golf, Amnesty Interesting, Mental health, teenagers in trouble, swimming, political agendas (running for mayor of my town as a stepping stone to become the first female president of the United States), Bipolar disorder, various mental illnesses, mental health advocacy, children, child psychiatry, pets especially cats, music ( I play piano, clarinet and violin and sing in a praise band, choir and perform in local arenas)

Highest Education: Bachelor’s (However, I will very soon be working towards my doctorate in child psychiatry)
















Guest Post: I, Borg

Interested yet? Long story short: I once had an implant the size of a pacemaker surgically implanted under my skin below my collar bone. The implant had a lead wire that was tunneled up through my neck and attached to my left vagus nerve. Once it was activated it sent a small electrical pulse to the vagus nerve – which leads into the brain’s emotion centers – every 5 minutes for 30 seconds. I was Borg. 

The device was known as the VNS device (Vagus Nerve Stimulator) and was originally developed for treatment resistant epilepsy by a company called Cyberonics. One unexpected outcome of those using it for epilepsy was that it greatly improved their moods. So researchers began testing it for treatment resistant depression and eventually an FDA clinical trial began.

I was apart of that trial back in the early 2000s at the University of Minnesota. The first trial was conducted with only a handful of people but this FDA trial was larger: about 200 people across the US. Strict conditions were setup for participants. Everyone would have the device implanted but only half would have the device turned on (without knowing it). After a certain period of about 3 months everyone’s device was turned on (with knowing it).

Then the tweaks began. Every week I met with a study psychiatrist and and assistant who would check to make sure the device was working.  They’d use a computer and a wand-like instrument held up to the device in my chest to change the parameters of the output of the electrical charge from the device – it’s frequency, amplitude, etc. Of course the purpose of these weekly tweaks were to find the right setting – or range of settings –  that would help increase mood.

See, everyone has two vagus nerves on either side of their body. They are the superhighways of information transmitted between the brain and the body’s second brain: the gut. Most (about 80%) of the transmissions lead up into the emotion centers of the brain while about 20% lead back to the gut.

Now, you might be asking yourself “couldn’t you feel it when it turned on?” Yes, for the most part. As I stated earlier, every 5 minutes for 30 seconds the device would send a small charge through the lead wire. If the settings were high, I could definitely feel it because the vagus nerve runs very close to the vocal cords. It was a minor tickle in my throat that might have left me hoarse for 30 seconds depending on settings.

I remember one setting they had me on that was a bit strong and every 5 mins for 30 seconds If I talked I sounded like I was talking into a fan. I joked with friends that I sounded like a robot too. But if it ever got to be too much, causing pain, acting erratically, or I needed to temporarily turn off the device for speaking at meetings, etc., we carried a small but powerful magnet that could be held or taped over the device in our chests that would deactivate the device.

The cost of the device and surgery was over $20,000 but because I was part of the study everything was taken care of for free. Unfortunately for me after approximately 2 years of having the device implanted, I opted to have it removed because it didn’t help – not at all. But at least it didn’t make anything worse.

So, I am no longer part of the Borg Collective and everything, including the lead wires, were removed. That’s not to say it didn’t work for a small number of participants. Years later I found out that the device narrowly passed the FDA’s approval and as far as I know its still available for those who are severely treatment resistant.

I guess I’m writing this to share one of the radical procedures I was involved in to help ward off my depression. I find the whole thing very interesting even though it didn’t work out for me. But you never know what the future holds as far as treatments….

Commitment Issues!

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