23 Random & Not So Random Reasons Why I Love Steampunk


Julian Herbert Least-Weasel: art by Tom Brown, from “When Stoats Go Wrong”

Being a List of the Various, Sundry, and Indeed Random Reasons I Enjoy Steampunk, with Occasional Interruptions by Weasels, Stoats, & a Badger Who Likes to Play Suduko, as Well as Praise for the Beauty that is Doncaster Mansion House

  1. I already love Victorian clothing, history, and architecture, and the Victorian era & influence is, as I understand it (1), a central core of Steampunk.

    Oh Victoriana! Folly from Broadsworth Hall gardens, Doncaster.

  2. The celebration of eccentricity, & the way it makes me feel at home.
  3. Colour: you’re never short of it when Steampunks are around.
  4. Greaveburn, a Steampunk novel by author Craig Hallam. Contains one of the best ever anti-heroes, great world building, plus some fab pseudo swearing.
  5. Creativity: whilst Steampunks appear to love buying things created by fellow Steampunks, there’s a lovely emphasis on creating your own clothes, characters, ephemera, & the like.
  6. All those lovely looking blokes in their gear, especially their waistcoats: flattering on any fine figure of a fellow.
  7. The emphasis on manners. More, please!
  8. Tea, glorious tea!

    A cup of brown joy

  9. Speaking of which, Professor Elemental
  10. Tom and Nimue Brown, who I met at the Doncaster Steampunk Festival, a few years’ ago
  11. Tom’s lovely illustrations, including the weasel picture above, as well as the banner featured on this, and my “About” page, plus many, many more drawings.
  12. Plus, of course, Hopeless, Maine
  13. Did I mention splendid looking chaps in their lovely costumes?

    Suits you, sir! Taken at the 2015 Doncaster Steampunk Festival

  14. How could I mention tea, and not mention the puzzling yet polite custom which is tea duelling?

    Sadly, not an action shot – they were too quick for me: Turn the Page Literary Festival, Doncaster

  15. It’s so very, very British (2)
  16. The fact that Sherlock Holmes fits so nice and snug into Steampunk
  17. Plus HG Wells “War of the Worlds”, one of the inspirations for Steampunk, as well as for some damn fine music
  18. The fact that Steampunk can be a many tentacled thing:

    Cthulu loved the 70s: art by Tom Brown, colouring by me

  19. Steampunks are so much fun to photograph: they may even pip the post with Goths (3)
  20. I love contraptions: so much, that one features in my story “When Stoats Go Wrong”, featuring Julian Herbert Least-Weasel and his extensive family.
  21. Also, motorbikes and bicycles, even if I’ve never rode on the former, and keep falling off the latter:

    Fab, fab, fab: Doncaster Steampunk Festival, 2015

  22. I have a stall at the Doncaster Steampunk Festival, on 8 July, from 10 while 17:00. It’s being held in Doncaster’s beautiful, historic Mansion House. Come by & wave hello (or a tentacle, if your name happens to be Cthulu)!
  23. Steampunk helped influence two of the stories in “A Yorkshireman in Ohio”, the upcoming short story collection I’ll be selling at the Festival: not just “When Stoats Go Wrong”, but also “Sherlock Jones and the Geek Interventionist”. “Geek” features Sherlock Jones, a descendant of the original Sherlock’s lesser brother, Mortie Holmes; Boswell, a badger who is Sherl’s bosom friend, and Doctor Marguerite “Daisy” Lestrange.
  24. Like Sherlock Holmes, the Good Doctor dips ever so nicely in and out of the world of Steampunk, witness episodes such as “A Town Called Mercy“, not to mention the deranged, Mary-Poppinish delight that is Missy.
  25. The fact that my character, Dr Daisy, will be wearing the Doctor Who charm bracelet which the Beloved gave me.
  26. Oh dear, that’s 25 reasons, not 23.
  27. I do hope you don’t have to be able to count to be a Steampunk.

Two Doctors, with Who inspired charm bracelet, plus vintage brass tray from Rewind.

(1) Defining what is and isn’t Steampunk appears to be only slightly less challenging than herding wildebeests through the London Underground System, whilst simultaneously whistling the Star Spangled Banner.
(2) Always excepting, of course, when it isn’t.
(3) Of course, there’s that confounded overlap between Steampunks, and Goths, which can make things jolly confusing. Dash it all, let’s have some tea, and cake, and never mind about all that.

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