Daily Archives: June 7, 2017

Picking Myself Back Up

I am starting to feel better.  I need to start on the papers that I was assigned during the residency and get them turned in so I can have that behind me.

My oldest had her first day at work in Colonial WIllamsburg yesterday. She told her daddy she worked a banquet and didn’t get off until 11 p.m.  So here she goes.  Hopefully she will keep a good attitude and learn a lot.

Talked to Tillie yesterday and got some things off my chest and then was able to talk to Bob about some things. I’m not sure if anything got solved but we both have a better understanding of the other.

Reading some more Anne Lamott and enjoying that.  One of the advisors at the residency gave me a list of books to get and read and I am not sure if and when I will do that.  I have time.

I’m holding up okay getting back into the swing of things around here.  Kind of frustrating to come back to a wreck of a house but it looks better since I had the cleaning ladies come and we got some of the worst of it cleaned up.   We’re going to do another extra day of cleaning to get it finished up in a couple of weeks.

Hope everyone has a good rest of the week..



Write Off

I read my last post and decided…no more posts after shoveling my night time pills. I become incoherent. Or too sleepy to bother making a coherent point.

Today has been one of those write off days. I functioned well enough for two days but it left me overdrawn at the psychological bank so today I was in a daze, no energy, no motivation. At one point, after day time meds, I got so sleepy I was literally counting hours on the clock til I can put my kid to sleep and get sleep myself. Then came one of my headaches induced by too much bright light and I had to lay down and cover my eyes…Spook was on youtube, so I guess I relaxed too much because ten seconds later, she’s telling me to wake up, how dare I fall asleep on her.

That’s always been an issue for me, meds that make me sleepy during the day. Because I know she will go tell grandma and make it sound like a constant thing and it’s the furthest from the truth. Drama llama don’t care.

I got some caffeine in me and am less lethargic. She finally found some friends to entertain her so she’s good.

Nothing to post, really. I just like tracking the crashes following my high functioning periods. Well, I don’t like tracking them, I feel it is necessary, same as tracking stable periods or manic periods.

It’s disheartening to say the least that my functionality maxes out at a couple of days then I have to have write off days just to regain equilibrium. Makes me feel so weak. But the write offs enable me to fight another day rather than melt down or implode.