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Thank You Dr. Jamison & The Unknown Angels

  Dear Friends,  Last year, I wrote about Anthony William’s book Medical Medium.  William explained how praying to a group called the “Unknown Angels” helped him a great deal. At first, I was quite skeptical. However, the thought of asking those mysterious-sounding Unknown Angels appealed to me so I went for it and I started talking to them. … Continue reading Thank You Dr. Jamison & The Unknown Angels

First Day

So we’re at residency.  Yesterday was fun meeting old and new friends, again. Tammie gave us all journals.  Very sweet,  I didn’t have the heart to tell her hat I rarely touch pen to paper any more, I do it all electronically.  But maybe someday.

We had orientation where were talked about logistics and goals, then we broke up into groups for just a few minutes’ time with our professors for workshop for the week,  I have Kris Lee, the drama guy.  Which is fine, I had him last summer for a drama class and liked him.

I have Janie as my suitemate.  She’s from Madison, down around  where I’m from.  She seems very sweet.  We have been trying to help each other so that has been nice.  Only one girl so far has been most unfriendly, which I did not expect.  But we will see how it all goes.  a

WE have workshop this morning at 10.  Then a discussion/class at 1:30 after lunch, then free time for most of us until dinner at a Thai restaurant, then we have readings starting at 7:30 p.m.  I read first tonight, decided to get it over with.  I’ll read Bass-Ackwards, which I published this spring.  That will make for interesting material I think.

And I forgot to take my meds last night.  I set them all out in order then tossed and turned until 3 a.m. wondering why I couldn’t sleep.  I finally figured it out and took the most of them; I left off the Tranzodone, and  woke up again about 6:15 a.m. and decided to go ahead and get up.  I just took them all for the morning so I am fine on all that.

Anyway.   Hopefully I will do better today.  Hope everyone has a good weekend!


SADAG Bipolar Survey 2017 Results

Originally posted on Good Content:
Patients Battle Deep Depression, Manic Highs, Suicidal Thoughts And Discrimination [Today is Bipolar Awareness Day in South Africa.] Addressing the gap in the local knowledge…