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The Comparison Greens/A Call for Submissions!

The salt flats of the vast Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia, beneath which lies roughly 50 percent of the world’s supply of lithium.   In June 2015, I read Jaime Lowe’s New York Times Magazine article “I Don’t Believe in God, but I Believe in Lithium! My 20-year Struggle with Bipolar Disorder.” The critically acclaimed article … Continue reading The Comparison Greens/A Call for Submissions!

Field Trip Day Three

SO today we go to the MLKing Memorial and Stone Mountain.  Not sure how it’s going to go since it’ll be cooler than we planned.  But the kids should have fun.   I’ve made it surprisingly well so that I am glad.

Dog Sacrifices Life to Save Wedding From Terrorist « Clarion Project


A heartwarming story, 21st Century style.

Field Trip Day Two

So today we went to CNN, the Georgia Aquarium, and the World of Coke Museum.  Very busy.  We saw a live dolphin show and a live sea lions show at the Aquarium and they were very wonderful to watch.  The trainer dedication was so intense to see, it made me think I need to be that dedicated to what I do.  So that was interesting to think about.  I picked dup a stray or two during the trip–new heads to count at every point.  So that made life exciting.

I am ready to go to bed.  A lot of walking and tiring stuff.  But I’ve actually enjoyed spending time with Rachel, so that was worth coming for.