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Are You Immersed In An Empty Glass?

Daily Prompt – Immerse When you are dealing with any sort of chronic illness, whether it be physical, mental, or a combination, it is very easy to get immersed in your own little world. This can happen for a variety … Continue reading

How To Explain Bipolar Disorder To Others

I always find it difficult to explain bipolar disorder to others. Mostly I don’t talk about my illness, but then I might be in the company of people and suddenly […]


My middle daughter was supposed to fly out this morning for her spring break trip to New England, and it has been snowed out up to this point.  They cancelled the flight yesterday and not sure if they are even going to do it.  At least that’s what Bob thinks.  My daughter is holding out hope that it will still happen.  We will see later on in the day.

My youngest is supposed to go out with her grandmother today for lunch and other excursions.  Tomorrow my mom and dad are coming to get her for a couple of  days upstate. SO those are her plans.


Surgery is Hard Work

And by that title, I am not referring to the doctors and nurses! As you read this keep in mind that I didn’t even have the surgery.  Okay, so the day I saw the surgeon and it was decided I … Continue reading