Early Morning

So it’s another early morning for me.  I am getting my oil changed this morning and am typing at the oil change place.  SO I am awake and sleepy at the same time.

I typed up my critiques for workshop and am so grateful that the people understood where I was coming from.  One found her way to tell me that everything was fine and that she was wondering who would  ask her the hard questions she had about the piece herself.   SO I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop and see what the other girl ahs to say.  But having it done  is such a burden off of me; I am so glad I found the space to tell my truth about each piece.

I talked to the newspaper and they want to set up an appointment for me to get my  picture taken for the op-ed next week.  I just hope the piece runs before the legislature gets out of session so it can do some good.  That’s all I really want my story out for is to do some good.

It’s raining this morning but still warm.  We will see how the weekend goes; I hope the forecast is wrong and we have good weather for the games. I’m so looking forward to them.  I miss baseball.




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