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Hiding In Plain Site

Daily Prompt – Hideout When you are a kid you can always find the perfect hideout. I had two best friends when I first moved to BC, Lani and Eve. We were inseparable. We played together and ultimately got in trouble … Continue reading

A Little Sad

Talked to my friend today who is my best friend from church and found out that she and her family are going to start going to a different church to try to meet the needs of their youngest son.  He is not fitting in with the other kids in the high school ministry and they are starting the search for a new church.  I am sad in that I will miss seeing her on Sundays and Wednesdays.  WE do plan to stay friends and  can hopefully go out to eat and such together like the rest of me and my friends do. We will see.

My middle one is sick today.  She called from  school and I went to check on her and convinced her to go ahead and come home instead of waiting until classes were over. SO we have an appointment this afternoon for the doctor.  I hope it’s nothing serious because she has an eye appointment tomorrow that has been rescheduled and rescheduled over and over.

Turned in my workshop piece for next week and we will see how that goes.  I can’t believe how quickly this month is flying by. I know February is a short month, but for me it usually drags a great deal–it seems to have always done so in the past. But I’ve been out of the hospital now longer than a year and am looking forward to spring and what is coming up for me.  We will see how it all goes.


10 tips

My advice, from experience:

  1. Allow yourself, wherever possible, to be not well. Some days are like that; in fact many days are like that. But it’s easy to feel guilty handing your day over to something outside your control. If you have a job, it’s even more difficult. But on those not well days, take it easy: watch TV for too long; don’t shower if it’s not essential (and when is it essential?); indulge, mindfully, in your drug of choice later in the day (thanks, I’ll have a kir or white wine).
  1. Get some sleep. Preferably at night. OK, so this is totally outside our control and I really don’t know what the answer for insomnia is. Mine is chronic and seemingly without reason. It used to be worsened by night-time hypomania but I’m medicated now.
  1. Speaking of which, always – always – take your meds. Don’t change the dose without consulting your psychiatrist / doctor. Follow your medication programme closely. And if you’re bipolar then why aren’t you on meds?!
  1. Exercise isn’t the be-all and end-all; sure, a little walk on a sunny day isn’t going to hurt you. I discovered quite recently that too much exercise can trigger hypomania. So before you decide to climb that mountain, take heed to allow plenty of time and be mindful the whole time that you – not your illness – are in charge.
  1. Treat yourself. Indulge in those treats that ease your moods. Could be music – those old favourite tunes – could be chocolate (tell me about it..), could be a glass of wine (go easy, young fellow!). Don’t let it be anything destructive; hypomania rules that part of you so stand up to it, show it who’s boss. In theory at least.
  1. If you must buy loads of crap, buy cheap crap. And no, that Harley is definitely not cheap, even if it is cheaper than a yacht. I bought four USB drives the other day, didn’t need any of them but I can handle a £20 hit and they’ll get used eventually. Maybe not in my lifetime, but eventually.
  1. Do what the Walker Brothers and Edith Piaf told us and have no regrets. Don’t obsess on things. Just learn from things.
  1. Try not to kill yourself; it leaves a hell of a mess and doesn’t achieve much. It also means you’ve lost.. and you’re not a loser are you?
  1. Talk about it. Preferably to someone with ears.
  1. Get a grip. Do what it takes to stay sane. Yes, of course it’s a battle. A daily battle. Focus on the endgame: not the battle but the war. Be who you are.

Take Note Tuesdays: Teen Suicide Prevention Week

It is Teen Suicide Prevention Week and this year SADAG is training teachers and parents on how to identify teens at risk. Suicide is the leading cause of death in […]

Take Note Tuesdays: SADAG Tackles Teen Suicide

Dirty Warehouse of Unworthy

The passion
And subsequent
Permeates the air
Heart beats of anger
Internal rage
Its not a soft beating
Trapped in this cage
Of childhood assaults
Broken brain chemistry
Utter Despair
The crashing of our bodies
Clashing of our minds
Misdirected pain
Staunch ego and
Unclaimed trauma
Thrash around the room
Your sheer man power
Not at all chivalrous
Crushes me
Yet the weight of my own burden
Collapses me
Unabashedly I beg for more
In the dirty warehouse of unworthy

Reblog – The visit-2

Originally posted on lynz real cooking:
This is the story of when he was last here (May 2015). I will write what I am able to here and there. This visit was followed by starting a blog and meeting all…