Sick Day Three

Bob went to the doctor this morning and found out he has a severe stomach flu.  The doctor said he had seen a good bit of it the past few days and gave him a restricted diet to follow the next three days.  So I will be going to the grocery store and getting a few things for him off the list and see if he can hold them in his system.

I’m slowly working my way through my schoolwork. For some reason it’s hard this week. We have a video conference tomorrow night and will see how that goes. I need to get everything in before that so I will work some more this afternoon.

I’m holding up pretty well.  Used to I got really panicked when Bob got sick because there was so much to do.  But now things are easier and I’m not so paranoid about it.  That is actually a good feeling for me–I think it means I am still getting better every day.

I haven’t heard anything about my op-ed I wrote for the local paper.  THis issue I wrote about is still an issue, so I hope they take me up on the column. I will just have to be patient.  I’ve sent out a lot more stuff this week and so hopefully can get more published this year than last.

HOpe everyone had a happy Valentines Day yesterday and has a good rest of the week.


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