Introvert Bingo

Voicemail: I let every phone call go to voicemail without exception. No one has my phone number except doctors’ offices at the moment, I’m pretty sure. I only answer the phone if I’ve previously agreed to do so at a certain time, but you pretty much would need my prior written agreement for me to pick up the phone when it rings.

Books: I read a lot more than 3 books per month.

Home: Yes. My favorite place.

Avoidance: Every chance I get, pretty much.

Excuses: That, too.

Fictional characters: Fictional characters are more attractive to me than real people, because I find that the better I get to know people, the less attractive they become (if they were attractive at all in the first place). Not a problem with people I don’t know, obviously.

I don’t take naps very often.

Writing: I think I’m better at writing than talking. I have more practice with that, anyway.

Awkward: I’m awkward, probably not adorably so.

I’m a terrible listener and usually hate doing it. I don’t like communicating with people most of the time. There are exceptions, but I wouldn’t make a general statement like “I am a good listener,” because that would not apply in a general way.

Cooler: Not sure. Probably.

Artists & authors: Yes.

People make me tired.

I do most of my shopping online: 90%, I’d say. If I can buy it online, I probably do. There aren’t a lot stores within walking distance.

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