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Am I Still a Mental Health Blogger?

What defines being a blogger, specifically a mental health blogger? Must I write regularly or frequently? Must I always write about mental health? What if that is not my focus ALL the time? What if I’m so busy that living…

Pouring Down

It’s raining very, very hard here in central Mississippi this morning.  This storm has produced 40 lightning strikes according to the news this morning.  So it’s really tough out.  Hopefully it will slow down some before I have to go to see my counselor.

Jo and I are going to lunch after I see Tillie.  We’ll go to Amerigo’s which is just down the road a bit from my counselor’s.  It’s a fun little Italian place and since I’m not with Bob, I’ll be able to get tiramisu for dessert. 🙂  (He hates it, but Jo can be talked into splitting it with me.)

I also see Candy and Christy today; I don’t think they’ll have an awful lot to do today besides just the usual.  So hopefully I’ll have it where it is quick and easy for them today.

I don’t know what all me and Tillie are going to talk about today.  I’m doing really well in all kinds of ways.  She’ll probably get on to me a little about stopping exercising, but I just hurt so much afterwards that it just doesn’t seem to be paying off any. But my mood is good, I’m not obsessing, I’m not anxious, I’m not even stressing out over AMber graduating like I did Terrie.  So all in all I think I’m doing well.


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