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Blogmas 2016 – Christmas Spirit Lives…

…at least it does at my grocery store! Day 19 I went to yet another specialist appointment today, but I really like this doctor. He was able to give me some answers and is taking it seriously. I have some … Continue reading



My oldest seems recovered from her tooth surgery and the middle one woke up from sleeping off her nausea medication feeling fine, so we had a good weekend. The youngest had a dance party Saturday that went well.

the oldest is crocheting a tree skirt for one of our Christmas tree and needs more yarn, so we are going out to get that and go get Christmas cooking stuff for my oldest to make candy.  So we have a busy morning.  I see Tillie at 11 and hope to have a productive session there, and to find out if she is raising her fees nest year.

So we are heading out to brave Walmart and see what we can find.  Hope everyone has a productive pre-Christmas week!