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The Twelve Days of Bipolar

One of my favorite things to do is make up new lyrics to old familiar songs. Especially Christmas music. Sometimes I’m wildly creative, sometimes not, but I always seem to come up with something fun. Here for your enjoyment (I hope) is this year’s version of the Twelve Days of Christmas.

On the 12th day of Christmas, bipolar gave to me:

12 monthly med checks

11 therapy sessions

10 pounds of weight gain

9 pills at bedtime

8 weeks of depression

7 days of mania

6 hours in the ER

5 mg Zyprexa

4 side effects

3 mood swings

2 new prescriptions

and a Happy Light thrown in for free!

Saturday Morning Musings

The tide has turned
In the wee hours of the night
Darkness began to fade
Only to usher in light
Vibrancy filled my veins
Sustenance filled my soul
An angel graced my bedside
While I slumbered
My penance had been atoned
Forgiveness sprinkled over me
Manic agitated being
Lifted from my weary bones
Rest had finally entered
Mercy granted
But not so simply
Were my actions condoned
Upon the rising of the sun
I had much work to do
Not only a self pardon
But apology to you
A mere gesture
That faith has been restored

Just Gabbin

I woke up first thing this morning (well 11:00am) and went straight to the phone to order my xanax as my prescription only has about 8 days left and I don’t want to be without for even a minute. I’ve noticed that one of the few things I actually manage to keep track of despite having alarms.

As you know I set an alarm to write each day, sometimes I don’t follow through. I could even be sitting right here at the computer and not do it. I don’t know why. Motivation is very hard.

Yesterday I emptied the sink into the dishwasher it was crammed packed with dishes and I thought maybe it would be good if the sink looked nice. So I did something yesterday as far as an accomplishments. Just a little one a day might lead to bigger and better things.

It’s 11:16am and I’ve already done my blog.. Today is a good day.


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