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Blogmas 2016 – Yes, Lydia, There Is A Santa Claus!

Day 14 It goes without saying I have had a tough year, especially in the last couple of months. I have had to make some difficult relationship decisions and have been battling more than my usual share of pain, infections, … Continue reading


I’m finished with this semester–I got a 40 out of 40 for my nonfiction project and now just have to wait until nonfiction workshop starts again. My professor was so complimentary of my piece–it finally told the whole story about what went down in Louisiana when I ran off that time early in my disease process.  SO I feel good about that.

Just waiting on a few last minute gifts to come in and we will have Christmas all prepared. I feel the urge to do some baking and will see what come of that.  I don’t need the  calories is the only thing holding me back.

I go see Mary Jane for lunch today then the church counselor again.  I have another  counseling appointment to Monday with Tillie and will see what we come up with there.  I think going more often has helped in my remission.   I don’t know if I can afford to keep this pace up if she goes up in price next year. I may go to every few months and see what happens.  I used to say that I would quit if she went too high. I don’t know if that would be wise however.


Tribute – Alan Thicke

I was watching the 5:00 pm news when it was announced that Alan Thicke had passed away today from a heart attack while playing hockey with his son. Alan Thicke was born in Canada and has ties here still. On … Continue reading