On Second Thought…


It’s hilarious to me when people say that calling out something for what it is, condemning it and declaring separation from it somehow equals being judgmental. Oh wow, oh my. I’m almost convinced. I hope you can feel the sarcasm, ’cause it’s oozing.

The good news is I have enough of a functional brain left (in spite of being all “bipolar”) to tell the difference and not let trolls convince me otherwise. Because see, opinions — as someone smartly pointed out on Twitter — are for things like, “I hate coffee” not “I hate black people.” That isn’t an opinion. That’s racism and hatred.

And if you’re part of that crew and get called out for being a racist, that’s not being judgmental — that’s simply stating a fact; You. Are. A. Racist. Person. Period.

You are a problem in our society. That’s not judgment, that’s a fact.

*repeat it 100 times*


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