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How the election affected our Mental Health


Not too many people would disagree that this has been the most unusual presidential election in modern day history.  The build up to this election has caused social media “friends” to “unfriend” each other; posts on both sides of the aisle spewed with outrageous stories and half-truths; media predictions that were way off the mark; and the popular vote won by the losing candidate.

With the election of Mr. Trump some people are thrilled and others are scared.  But emotions are still raw and running high among the two different camps.  I contend that all of this does nothing good for our mental health.

If you are celebrating a victory you might feel happy, but in many cases are still fighting with people who are protesting or who are against Mr. Trump.  I have seen people calling each other names on social media.  For example, the protestors are called “cry baby’s,” “spoiled brats,” etc.  So if you are doing the spewing of derogatory name calling, I have a news flash –  it is still not good for mental health to get all upset.  Conflict causes an increase in anxiety and the more you spew the more anxious you get.  The bottom line is you probably are not going to influence whether the protestors line the streets or not, so maybe accepting some people are not too happy is the faster path to a peaceful mind.

On the other hand, if you are mourning Hillary Clinton’s loss it can feel depressing and sad.  There is also a tendency to start predicting how the country is going to hell.  How all decisions Donald Trump makes will be the end of America.  Painting this kind of negative picture also raises anxiety and can trigger depression.  There has never been any single president in the history of America who has “ruined” the United States.  I really doubt one person can have that effect.

What is best for our mental health?  In my mind the key to a balanced and healthy mind comes down to a balanced perspective.  Trying to respect whatever feelings this election may have brought up and moving toward having some closure.  Learning to agree to disagree and find a common ground with each other is critically important.

Of course we always have the option to “take all our marbles and go home.”  Continuing our disputes on Facebook and bringing all that negative energy to whatever environment we are standing in.  But ultimately negativity affects the person who is carrying it more than it affects anyone else.

Let’s try not to judge each other and learn to respect our differences.  Our mental health depends on it.



Losing My Mom Card

I want to just resign my position as Mom.  My oldest daughter is going on a spiritual retreat this weekend and we were sent an email that we didn’t read all the way through. We were supposed to send encouraging letters and gifts to be handed out to her at certain points during the event.  We got her some letters sent off today by attaching them to an email.  So she won’t be totally left out.  But if I know some parents, they’ll go all out on the  gift area.  ANyway.  At least I found out.  Just want to get things done as best I can. But I still feel bad and behind the eight ball.


Afterlifethoughts & Angels: Part One

What Dreams May Come is a film based on Richard Matheson’s book and stars Robin Williams, Annabella Sciorra and Cuba Gooding Jr. It’s one of my favorite movies, but I can only watch it when I’m feeling relatively stable (TW) as it contains themes of suicide and children’s deaths. An amazingly vivid, imaginative & groundbreaking film, it … Continue reading Afterlifethoughts & Angels: Part One

Wanted, needed

I don’t need a psychiatrist, I need a philosopher.


Leonard Cohen, whose Jewish-infused poetry and songs inspired generations, is dead at 82 | Jewish Telegraphic Agency


Baruch Dayan ha’Emet–blessed is the Righteous Judge.

Leonard Cohen has died, at age 62.  His last album was released only last month.

Cohen’s music wrote the score for the dark days of my early teenage years.  His music affects me so profoundly that sometimes I can’t bear to listen to it.

But then you hear “Suzanne,” and are overcome with wistfulness, imagining the scene….

Flushing My Life…One Flush At A Time

Well I feel like I’m flushing my life down the toilet.  I think it’s because I’m so angry with my sister, and alienation doesn’t suit me.  I try to stay downstairs (if you’re a loser and you haven’t kept up with my blog, I live in the basement of my sister’s house, but she’s asked me to move out, because she “needs her space”, and while in a way that’s rational, in an irrational way I hate her for it, because I’m not well enough to work full time and support myself, so I’m panicking and looking for jobs that I don’t even know if I can sustain for more than a week..) – whew!  So!  I try to stay downstairs.  And I hate her.  And I get stoned every day at the end of the day.  And then I eat ALL THE FOOD.  It’s grand, believe me!

Tonight I feel especially turd-like because my niece, hateful sister’s daughter, my goddaughter, had a show choir concert, and I didn’t go.  Granted, I was working on Dr. Flaky’s voicemail report.  BUT I could have cut that short with some careful bullshit and gone.  It’s just that I’m enough of an asshole that I couldn’t force myself to go be with people, a whole big group of people, and play nice with my sister, and sit uncomfortably. even if it was the right thing to do.  It’s a sad fact that sometimes when the going gets rough, I wimp out.  I don’t do the right thing.

Speaking of not doing the right thing, as of today I *was* quitting pot!  Because I have had two interviews, count them, two, with some place that clearly has no judgment because they’ve talked to me twice (just kidding, they can’t see my bad behavior, I actually have a great resume).  So I thought, if I get a third interview, and maybe get hired, I have just enough time to quit pot and pass a drug test.  However!  I feel like shit about myself, so what did I do?  I took a double-dose.  Just to see what happens.  Hopefully I will just watch murder porn (The First 48 is the worst and the best) and fall asleep.  HOPEFULLY that’s all that happens.

So maybe I will get a job.  Maybe I will pass the drug test, that’s a challenge I don’t know if I’m up for.  But FUCK ME do I want to get out of here!!  And then there’s that maybe….maybe I will *keep* a job.  Oh I’m so full of worry and self-doubt, it’s a wonder I can even walk and talk.  I don’t know what’s going to happen.  Except I suspect my sister is going to kick me the fuck out at some point.  Jeeeeeesus take the wheel.  Take it ALL!  *Drops the mic*


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