The Day After…

We will see how things turn out.

We buried my uncle today.  It was sad; Bob and I counteracted our sadness by listening to CD’s of  Jeff Foxworthy, a Southern comedian on the way up and back.  We were shocked at how apropos his comedy still is twenty years after he recorded one of his first albums  in Jackson, Mississippi.

It was weird seeing my cousins that I did not grow up with for the first time in twenty-five years.  We had a split in our family that took this particular branch of cousins away from us after the death of our grandmother in 1985.  It did eventually heal, but not until my cousins were grown and we were all out of our parents’ houses.   But they were polite to me and Bob and seemed to appreciate us coming to  the funeral.

My middle one is going back to the doctor tomorrow for a recheck to see what is causing her symptoms to persist.  Hopefully we will know more tomorrow.


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