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The Day After…

We will see how things turn out.

We buried my uncle today.  It was sad; Bob and I counteracted our sadness by listening to CD’s of  Jeff Foxworthy, a Southern comedian on the way up and back.  We were shocked at how apropos his comedy still is twenty years after he recorded one of his first albums  in Jackson, Mississippi.

It was weird seeing my cousins that I did not grow up with for the first time in twenty-five years.  We had a split in our family that took this particular branch of cousins away from us after the death of our grandmother in 1985.  It did eventually heal, but not until my cousins were grown and we were all out of our parents’ houses.   But they were polite to me and Bob and seemed to appreciate us coming to  the funeral.

My middle one is going back to the doctor tomorrow for a recheck to see what is causing her symptoms to persist.  Hopefully we will know more tomorrow.


Featured Blogger: Aidan O’Connell

Ready. Set. Sail! I want to apologize first off for this taking so long. It was a communication error on my part and I deeply regret not taking care of it sooner. I feel absolutely awful but I want to make sure that people out there understand that I stand committed to my promises. Sorry … More Featured Blogger: Aidan O’Connell

Happy 82nd Birthday, Carl Sagan

Astrophysicist Carl Sagan opened the doors of ideas in both academic and popular astronomy and astrophysics.  He died from pneumonia at age 62 in 1996.  Had he lived, he would have been 82 years old today.

Here is a wonderful article on his life and work, in a nutshell:

Happy comet tails, Dr. Sagan, wherever you are!

Deep Sadness and Disgust

I woke this morning with a heavy heart. I’m sickened, and ashamed of our nation. That is something I never dreamed I would ever say. I do not jest when I say that Maurice and I have already begun searching for a new home. Canada’s immigration laws are too restrictive. Certainly there is someplace we can go.

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Vaguely Amused

I didn’t stay up to see how the election turned out. R was here until almost 9 tracking it and by then, my brain hurt and fort blankie beckoned. Besides…I knew no matter the time he’d revert to texting chihuahua mode and let me know.

I am neither a fan of Clinton or Trump. But after seeing so many interviews of her caught in blatant lies and stories of her tantrums…

I’m vaguely amused at the turn of events. At least Trump is up front about being a misogynist racist jackass. At this point the only thing he could do to shock me would be to, ya know, turn out to be a decent human being and president and follow through on all his promises to make this country great again.

That being said…My kid is convinced a youtube video she saw said Trump wants to take away McDonald’s and was all freaking out this morning. WTF? Vaguely amused by it all, it’s gonna get interesting.

And R was warned repeatedly if Mr. Rich Pants Trump fucks with the disability system and I end up with no income…Spook and I WILL be coming to live with him and Mrs. R. Because for me, being able to support my kid takes precedence over a fucking wall that will only keep a portion of illegals out. Oh, and the abortion thing…Don’t get me started.

No, I did not vote, so I don’t get a say.

Not voting my entire life is my way of giving the “man” the finger. I won’t be fooled into thinking my vote matters because I was actually awake in 8th grade history class and know how the electoral college votes tend to trump (ha ha, unintended pun) all. And I promise that concludes my taboo talk of politics.

My mental state has been static. No mega ups or downs but no dancing in the streets. My kid is back to her mood swinging lashing out tantrums and that has the anxiety on hyperdrive. She told me yesterday she was going to kill me, wanted me dead, hates me, threatened to throw a ball through the windshield and make us wreck…all because I didn’t have a dollar to give her to buy a piece of candy at school. Seriously, Spook? So she is droid blocked for a week. A week without youtube videos and shopkins games might get thru to her.

Ha ha ha.

My allergies and sinus problems are making me more miserable than anything. I can’t afford Alavert, which is the only shit that really works. Spook and I went thru a 48 count box in less than 3 months because we’re both so allergy laden. I am sick of hacking and drowning in phlegm and being tied to a tissue box. Geesh. Never used to be this bad and I know age makes thing worsen but…I maintain the spawn rearranged my innards and stole some of my kick ass immune system thus weakening me to pissy little things like  sinus drainage.

On another note…For all who thought the chat room was a good idea…GHOST TOWN. I realize we all have schedules and lives and better things to do. Well, you all do, I  much prefer sitting in a chat room to living in the icky petri dish. Still…if no one comes, it’s not much of a chat room. And it really sucks because I am there 3/4 of the time but the ONE time I have to be gone…Someone will pop in and no one is there so everyone thinks,meh, this is lame, why bother.

Please please please…Stop by on occasion. Not that I am desperate or anything cos I am totally not leaving Freshly Depressed, it is a far superior way to keep in touch with Bex than useless programs like Skype. Just…give it a try. When you can.

Or a pegacorn will get a tumor.

(Not really.)

(I don’t think so.)

(Well…Trump won so anything is possible.)



I seriously think the world as we knew it has ended. Devastated and disappointed beyond belief. 

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